7. How do baby names create mind?

In the English language, for example, the letter A is always in the first position, B in the second, and so on. The intelligence of any language depends upon the consistency of its mathematical order. Each letter in its mathematical position in any alphabet becomes a symbol through which a particular quality of intelligence expresses. Through language and its attendant intelligence do we create our human symphonies. How? The same as music is composed: a composite of mathematics as the notes of the stave, each with its time and value, plus the letters A B C D E F G. How does this concept relate to human intelligence?

Thinking requires language. You cannot reason or contemplate anything without it. Without language, there would be no creativity, no inventions, no anything! Now, let us apply this principle to human beings through the name, of which you are a part. The first thing that you do after learning to control your bodily functions is to speak. Failing to do this, you are termed subnormal because without speech you could not be normal. Do you see how vital language is? Without it, one cannot even think, let alone act normally!

Can you think, or translate a picture or an experience without the use of language in your thinking? Can you listen to and translate what you hear without language? Think about it, and you may learn some of the greatest truths of the age. You may find the basic solution to all human problems. Human mind through language is the only channel of interpretation of conscious intelligence.

Each letter in your name expresses a quality of intelligence. When letters are combined in a name, the name becomes a chord of intelligence around which your mind develops and evolves. This relationship of mathematics, language, name, mind and Consciousness is the key to understanding your thinking, your urges, the experiences you attract, your successes or failures, your communication style, your relationships with others, your limitations, your tensions, your aptitudes, and your mental weaknesses—all the qualities of your mind.

This is how the baby's mind develops through the name formula given.

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