Why Names Matter

Your names reveal who you are! Your date of birth reveals who you should be. Names matter because your names create your personality, the conditions in your life, and your destiny and for your greatest happiness and success, should allow the beautiful potential within you a natural and stress-free expression. Where are your names taking you? Are you completely satisfied with the conditions of your life?

The video you are about to watch will help you to understand why there is power in a name. What has mathematics to do with human problems? The answer is everything. It is the key to scientific progress in every conceivable form. It is a universal language, the same in all countries, in all ages. It is unchangeable and immutable. Your name is not only a group of letters, but each letter is numerical in the alphabet. Like the periodic table, each letter expresses intelligence relative to its position. When you put letters together in a name, specific qualities of intelligence are invoked. You become the expression of intelligence revealed by your name!

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Find out if your names preventing your success and happiness in life? Are your names the best for your inner potential?

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