Mr. Alfred J. Parker, Founder

Who and What is God?

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A timeless question asked by many people. Most agree that life is the magnificent expression of an omnipotent power. The various world religions have names and descriptions of this intelligence that is behind and within life—God, Allah, Supreme Being, Brahma, etc. In most Western religions, the power of life is steeped in personality and prayer. In Eastern concepts it is less associated with personalities but places responsibility upon mankind to understand his purpose and to develop his mind to spiritual fulfilment.

What is the Kabalarian Interpretation of God?

Reason is the name that Kabalarians give to the omnipotent power, because the word Reason describes the vastness of the logic and intelligence of everything—from the cosmos down to the infinitesimal intelligent life cycle of an amoeba. Reason is part of the complete Principle of Life. The Principle of Life includes the expression of everything—the whole universe. The whole universe in its vastness, its unknown expression, is the manifestation of a law, an immutable unfoldment of actions that follow definite procedures or patterns. If the Principle of Life was changeable by the whim of thought of this one or that one, there would be no consistency, no continuity, no logic, and no intelligence to life.

The Principle of Life includes the unknowable and the knowable. One might ask, "If it is unknowable, how can one possibly say there is anything to it?" Is there any principle to it?" The knowable will help us to understand the unknowable! What we know is the forms we see in reality—the milky way, Earth and the other planets, and all the life forms, but form is only part of the factor at hand.

For instance, if we pick up a package of seeds, one sees the shells of the seeds, but the part that is unknown is the power within the seeds that under the right conditions of planting and care activates the unknown quality within the seed to grow and expand. This is the unknowable aspect that is part of the overall completeness of life. What is the seed without the power? The Reason within the seed is revealed through growth when the seed becomes the expression of its purpose in the reality of life—an acorn becomes an oak tree or an apple seed grows to produce apples.

What is the birth of a child without the power to make a child live with the potential to grow and fulfil a Reason for Being? And so, we can say that the Principle of Life reveals the unfoldment of greater intelligence in a systematic way relative to the law of growth. The universal power behind all things is within all things linking the form we see with its Reason or purpose that we cannot initially see.

Kabalarians see the Principle of Life as a two-part expression. One part is the invisible, unknowable, the intelligent aspect of the Principle of Life and the other is the knowable or the intelligence in definable form. The Reason of being is that which makes Being what it is. What is God but the Reason for being and being itself wherein the God power dwells.

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