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Meanings of Baby Names

Meanings of baby names as explained by the Kabalarian Philosophy will give you the tools to choose the right baby name for your newborn. It is the power behind the meaning of baby names that is significant. The name you give your baby creates its likes and dislikes, ambitions, capabilities, destiny, and degree of success.

Principle Used in Understanding Meaning of Baby Names

To understand meaning of baby names we must understand the unique relationship to language. Language, of which name is a part, is the keyboard for the instrument of life and every human symphony. Each letter in any alphabet is a symbol for a quality of intelligence. Its mathematical position determines its quality. When letters are put together in a name, a chord of intelligence is created and thus name meaning is generated.

For example, each key when played on a piano represents a degree of sound energy. The keys follow a mathematical pattern. When the piano is played, the sounds become harmonious or discordant (depending upon the knowledge of the pianist) and chords played become symphonies and music of every description.

So when a baby is given a name it comes with an energy that is either harmonious or discordant depending upon the letters that are used in the creation of that name.

Giving Your Baby a Balanced Name

It is of crucial importance to give your baby a name that is in harmony with your baby's date of birth. This will create a Balanced Name for your baby.

By choosing a Balanced Name for your baby, you are setting in motion a constructive qualities of intelligence that will be the foundation of your child's personality, thinking patterns, and nature.

A Balanced Name will provide a natural outlet for the creative expression and development of your child's inner purpose as revealed by his or her date of birth. The family name is vital as well, as it creates an important total name influence when combined with the first name, that reveals the experiences and degree of success your child will achieve in life.

A Balanced Name will create intelligent mental qualities such as being expressive, happy, generous, outgoing, giving, responsible, reliable, stable, intellectual, and peaceful - to name just a few. Whatever your baby's inner qualities are, they will develop more naturally with a balanced baby name. The fundamental purpose of a Balanced Name is to develop harmony and relativity between the baby's personality and the baby's birthdate/inner potential.

We would be glad to talk to you about the importance of a Balanced Name for your baby and how we can help you.

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Balanced Baby Name Recommendations

Our comprehensive Balanced Baby Name Recommendation service will help you in the selection of a name for your newborn.

This service includes:

Balanced Name recommendation for
1 newborn and 1 parent
  • choice of 50 to 75 first names
  • choice of 50 to 75 last names
  • spelling modifications and alterations
    of current names where possible
Signature recommendations
  • best personal signatures
  • best business signatures to ensure stability and success in business projects and affairs
Analysis of the Balanced Names recommended for you and your newborn
Steps in changing your names
  • advice on how best to establish your new names
1 hour of consultation support to assist you with your newborn's Balanced Name Recommendation. Your consultation time can be used through one or several calls or via email.
  • Help you in choosing names from the recommended lists
  • Work with you until you find the name that suits you
Balanced Name Certificate issued from our office after you have confirmed your selection of balanced name

Ordering my Name Change Package

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