What is the Kabalarian Philosophy
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What is the Kabalarian Philosophy?

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches constructive living based on an understanding of the physical, mental, and spiritual laws. These principles provide the key to understanding how to control life to bring into reality the happiness, mental freedom, and personal success that everyone seeks. In today's world, there exists a need for a practical, logical lifestyle that provides the means for self-development and mental progress towards a more universal concept.

The struggle to understand one's true purpose in life, one's spiritual relationship to all things, and to fulfil one's destiny when it is known, has been part of humanity's existence always. Many theories offer some answers but for many people there is a lack of tangible reality in such theories, leaving the challenge of everyday living in a state of confusion as to what values in life should be used as a standard of measurement.

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches that life should reflect constructive growth and evolution to a higher state of intelligent expression. Such constructive growth is based on the refinement of life and the improvement of humanity's intelligence to reflect greater harmony, purpose, and the attainment of universal ideals. When we learn to live in harmony with the laws of life to which we are subordinate and when we direct our efforts to fulfill our potential as a channel for universal intelligence, we will evolve mentally and spiritually to create a world of universal understanding of all people and establish peace and harmony for all through an enlightened intellect.

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