2. Why should I not choose my baby name from the sample names on your site?

We implore you not to choose baby names from the brief name summaries on the web site! You are creating your baby's mental future without taking into consideration the family name and the overall total influence of the names combined. Even a moderately balanced baby name combined with your last name can create an unfortunate destiny for your baby.

Choosing baby names based upon how they sound or feel is like throwing darts at a dart board blind-folded. It is often years before you see the full influence of a name not harmonized to your child's inner potential. This type of baby name will be burden and limitation to your baby as the tensions and limitations develop. Why subject your baby to severe limitations needlessly, when you have the opportunity to give your baby a fully Balanced Name?

Anything less than a fully balanced baby name will create some degree of mental tension in thinking that will be a limiting factor in your baby's life. We cannot overstate how important this is to your baby's future. You have the unique opportunity to influence consciously your baby’s entire life constructively by choosing a properly Balanced Name.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Names

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