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Updated July 15, 2024

Your name of Maliya contributes sensitive, creative, ... All names are not equal. Maliya, the names you use create your life experiences. Find out how the meaning of Maliya and the energy of your name have shaped your life. Request a Free Name Report.

Alphabetical First Name Meaning Index

  • Your first name of Maliya contributes sensitive, creative, and idealistic qualities to your nature that could be expressed in a variety of literary or artistic fields.
  • You desire harmony and refinement in your environment and in all your personal associations.
  • Although mentally quick and intuitive in recognizing the thoughts and feelings of others, you experience a lack of fluency in verbal expression in responding.
  • Kind but shy, you appear calm but suffer inwardly from nervous tension that saps your strength.
  • As a result, you experience moods of depression and self-pity and often avoid facing issues.
  • A lack of confidence leads to procrastination, a need for support and encouragement from others, and a vulnerability to be taken advantage of in many situations.

Maliya - Detailed Meaning

Your name of Maliya has created your very refined, idealistic, peace-loving nature and a quick mind. You have an appreciation for music and the arts and, with training, you could be artistically creative. Being idealistic has a creative side, but being too idealistic has a tendency to shut out harsh reality. You need to curb your inclination to daydream as it is detrimental to mental progress.
Although you are a kind person and are very desirous of association and friendship, you are really quite shy. Therefore you find it difficult to express your thoughts as freely as you wish and, thus, others do not find it easy to get to know you well. Since you lack self-confidence, you are reluctant to take steps to resolve a vital concern, even though you feel quite strongly about it. As you do not like to create issues, you do your best to avoid conflict with others. Because you are very sensitive, you feel the need of support and approval from others. Without this support, you find it difficult to make important decisions.

There are many things you would like to do. You talk about them, but procrastination usually interferes with accomplishment. When things do not go well and your feelings are hurt, you are likely to turn your thoughts within and become uncommunicative. You must guard against intense moods of depression and the tendency, at times, to be secretive.

Because you are far too receptive and sensitive, you feel other people's thoughts more than you should. You are not inclined to be analytical enough to protect your thoughts from the influence of others. As a result, you often feel nervous, self-conscious, lonely, and sorry for yourself. You would give anything to be natural, fun-loving, and expressive.

You find the mysteries of life and mind to be intriguing, and you enjoy reading especially about mystery and romance or possibly the occult. You realize there must be much more to life than what is just on the surface and it is the wondering that fascinates you.

While your name brings you some very fine qualities, these are overshadowed by the effect it has on your physical body. You are not robust because your inner nervous tension saps your vitality. Your fondness for rich food lacking in nourishment, compounds your problems. Thus you are subject to glandular disturbances, poor circulation, and weakness in the fluid functions such as kidney or bladder problems, swelling of the legs and ankles, or a weakness in the female organs.

A tendency to put on weight could also be a concern. Problems could also develop in the heart, lungs, or bronchial area. Asthma, flu, and pleurisy are the types of illnesses to which you could fall heir. You would not necessarily have all these problems, but these are mentioned to pinpoint the types of weaknesses and parts of the body that are most likely to be affected. It is most important for you to establish a nutritious regime of diet in order to build a strong, vital body.

You are not enjoying the fullness life has to offer, as you lack self-confidence, ambition, assertiveness, and energetic vitality that would open your mind to the happiness and fulfilment you were meant to have.

Health Analysis

  • Physical weaknesses resulting from the use of this name centre in the heart and respiratory organs, or in the fluid functions.

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