Balanced Name Success Stories and Testimonials

The following are testimonials from people who have benefitted from a Balanced Name Recommendation from the Kabalarian Philosophy:

How A Balanced Name Changed My Life

Now I understand!

I've recommended Kabalarians several times. You all were wonderful hand-holders, so kind and positive about what a great decision it would be. Now I understand! I would not hesitate and, for sure, would not wait years to change my name now that I know. I feel at home in me in ways I could not have imagined. And I've become aware of much that I did not see before. Things I was trying to make a decision about simply became clear. Changes in my thinking and behavior that I have wanted to make have been easily accomplished with no effort. Of course, there is more for me to do, but I am so pleased with the changes in less than 6 months. Gabriala"


A new level of awareness

I always knew, from as far back as I can remember that my name wasn't the 'right' name for me, it just didn't feel right but I never did anything about it because after all, how do you go about choosing a new name, right? However, one day whilst sitting at my lap top I was filled with an absolute knowing that now was the time, that I had to change my name, so I typed something in Google regarding name changes and up came the link to the Kabalarian Philosophy Society so I sent away for the free Name Report and I was so impressed with the detail that I straight away ordered some name suggestions.

I still couldn't decide but the lady who was helping me was very helpful and eventually I settled on a new name, and as much as I loved my new name, I still didn't have the courage to go ahead and make the change. However, with the on going help and support from the Kabalarian Philosophy Society I eventually made the move to change my name, officially, and I couldn't be more pleased, it really has made a huge difference in my life not to mention my self esteem.

I would never have said that I had low self-esteem before, but this name change has taken my esteem to a whole new level and it is a great conversation opener, people everywhere love my name and they love the story of how I came about the name; people invariably are inspired by my taking this action and I love that response, my whole life's work is about inspiring people so that has been an added benefit I hadn't anticipated. It has been a process since I was first inspired and made contact with the Kabalarian Philosophy Society although not all that long ago, less than eighteen months and the results have been very impressive and surprising and I have a feeling they will continue to unfold.

As well as greater self-esteem I have much more confidence now in myself and again, I wasn't particularly lacking confidence but I definitely have more since I changed my name and I am about to complete my studies and embark on the life time career I feel I was always destined for and it's hard to say exactly how my name change has helped with this, but I know it has. If anybody has doubts about doing this I would say just do it and tell yourself what I told myself that if I didn't like it or if I changed my mind, I could always change it back again but I wont be doing that, I love my new name now and it feels like 'me'.

I couldn't have done it without the fantastic dedicated support of the staff, I was expertly guided through the whole process and I will be forever grateful for that support, it proved invaluable because after all, who can you go to for help with this when most people have never even considered changing their name so they would not be able to help so yes, the after care support was absolutely invaluable and so personal, heartfelt and priceless.

Neikka Harlingten

A friend of mine had been having some difficulty with one of her young children. This daughter was very bright; she was also very stubborn and refused to do as she was directed by her parents and teachers. My friend had heard of the Society of Kabalarians and decided to contact them. Together they came up with a spelling change for her daughter and, seemingly overnight, the girl shifted into being kinder and more responsible. This got my attention!

I have always had great respect of the indigenous people of this planet. As a child I remember hearing that as children grew into adulthood they were given a new name, one that would show their accomplishments or abilities to all the people. I also have a memory of a tribal elder holding a new born up to the heavens and declaring this child as ...whatever name they chose. It seemed so important to them and the whole tribe was celebrating the new member of their family. That really touched me then and has stayed with me all of these years. Remembering this, it was pretty easy for me to give Kabalarian a call. When I read the Name Report they sent me, I was amazed by the accuracy. I spent a few days reading it over and over and I made the choice to take the leap and change my own name. I was about to turn 50 and felt that it was a good time to make some positive changes in my life. That was in December of 2008, the legal papers were signed February 2009, wow, and it's only been 2 years. I say that because I feel like a different person. It's hard to remember how 'heavy' life had felt before the new name changed all of that for me.

I know this is the part that you want to hear if you are considering changing your own name...What feels so "different?" you ask. The way I experience the world feels different, that's all. I used to feel that life was quite serious, that I had to be my impeccable self at each moment especially in my career and raising my kids. I was very focused and good at what I was doing, but not a lot of fun. People depended on me to do things that they should have been doing and I was always willing to give up my time to assist others (at the expense of my family and my social life). Now, I am very clear on what is important to me and I have no issue saying 'no' when appropriate. My family and friends will attest that I am a lot more fun and much more available to them. The insecurity that I used to live with is no longer even present in my life. That is an awesome statement, yes? It is true completely. I can do my morning exercises barefoot in the park and not even think to look around to see is I am being watched. This is a very different experience from the way I used to be. Also, I am an artist and it matters not to me what anyone says about my talent or ability, I just sculpt because I love it. And I love doing what I love doing these days. I am joyful most of the time.

Also, I look different, my face is softer, my neck is relaxed and I no longer have swollen ankles and feet in the evenings. Also very cool.

I am working with the Society in naming my business as well. It has been a fun process and you will not meet a more dedicated, kind and helpful group of people.

Best wishes on your journey.

Adryanna B. Ciera - Arizona

Right from my first contact with your organization I found you kind and welcoming. What I especially loved though, was the fact that you were able to accommodate my request to find a balanced name that was similar to my current legal name. Because I changed my name previously (before I knew about your work and service), my friends and family were quick to make some loving jokes about changing my name yet again. Nonetheless, because the name you figured out for me sounds so like my other name, they have not have a challenge addressing me as they were used to.

Kaylaira Lea

I had been trying to use numerology on my own to find the right name, but didn't get it right, and my life didn't change. I was missing some pieces of the puzzle. The Kabalarians know how, and the money I spent for the Balanced Name Recommendation was money well spent. My life is changing for the better a bit more every day now. I also recommend the Cycle Chart. I consult it every day. It is such a relief to be in tune with the flow of the cycles instead of fighting upstream.

Alandra Valecourt

You are never too old!

The last few weeks since using the Kalabarians service to chose a balanced name with my birth date is proving to be the most freeing time I have ever experienced in my entire life - all 76 years of it... Really grasping the understanding that, the very blocks that I would come up against were being carried in my name not harmonizing with my birth date .... it just seemed that I could not totally over come them, how ever hard I tried.

The freeing up of the quality of my energy has been like a stepping out of the shade into the sunlight. I experience a constant balance that I never knew existed before.

It is still early days but from the very outset I felt a greater optimism, enthusiasm and greater keenness to connect with others Completing my Deed Poll, banking changes, among other documentation, has all been part of taking command of my life, which feels great and has a sense of anticipatory excitement driving me at an even pace.

The great value of having had 76 years experience of both lesser and greater challenges it has strengthened me but also tired me. However I had listened to the video and sent off and received my free report my name and birth date report, I did not hesitate - is I wanted to succeed with my aims and goals in life then this was the path I knew I needed to take. Well what a blessing it is already proving to be.

Since that change one of the benefits I have found is that rather than procrastinate about certain things I may want to do I have been able to easily take the 'bull by the horns' and do it/ them and have much benefited already from those decisions.

Another quality that now is proving to be part of my life is a deep sense of calm and well-being from which I approach all I do, consequently I on the whole sail through each day with out stress....

These are priceless gifts. Thank you dear, dear Kabalarians team. What a fantastic support you have been.

Katannya Alven

A great name used to be something you were born with, or so I thought. Thanks to the Kabalarians, I now have a name that I want to shout from the rooftops. I am SO PROUD to be me!

Aislen Hartwell

I did receive the balanced name recommendations and did indeed change my entire name, legally, in 2014. I am still getting used to it and still deleting the old name here and there. I am closer to my soul's work. I am about to complete a Doctoral Dissertation and had my name changed on my Bachelor and Masters degrees. Since the name change, everything has been changing in my life and I like it all. It's like old entanglements and clutter have dropped off and I have much more clarity. I am very glad I now have a Balanced Name and a much more balanced life. I am grateful.

Réa Bevans Kironn

My name was balanced, I checked it out on a numerology app. I felt it was well worth the money. I'm happy with the service I received everytime I worked with the Society of Kabalarians. I felt that they were experts in their field and that they cared about my case.

Ellyna Brown

Nearly a year ago, I downloaded the necessary forms for filing a petition to become a citizen of the United States. I have been living here as a permanent resident since 2001 when I moved from Canada to marry my husband.

On the first page of the petition it asks you to identify yourself, when I got to the bottom of the page my breath was taken aback as I read this question, "Do you want to change your name?"

I sat with it for what seemed like hours though it was only minutes when the words came again, "Do you want to change your name?" Here it was again, this question that has floated in and out of my life so many times. "I don't know." I held my response "Okay, I will think about it," and then I put the forms away.

Three months later, an answer came welling up from inside, YES!

I have to say, I had no idea how I was going to choose a new name. If you are reading my story you might have been guided here as well. It was August of 2010 when I stumbled onto the Society of Kabalarians and ordered the free name analysis. It didn't take me long to know that my next step was to order the Balanced Name recommendation with the Life Analysis Training home study course.

In private, I read everything in the report, and I started to try on a few combinations of the recommended names. Almost immediately, a name clicked and I experienced my entire being filled with incredible joy. Even now this smile deep inside that reaches my face remains active.

Over the next few months, as I determined the chosen name, changes were unmasking. I was surprised at hearing words which came out of my mouth that were so clear and my sentences comprehendible. I noticed I was losing weight and I wasn't trying. In disbelief, I would pick up the scales and shake them, hold my breath and get on again… well it still reads 17 pounds gone!

On November 17th, 2010, I started using the fully balanced name of Jocelan Delmars. I continue to have more energy for getting things accomplished, with less time thinking about it. When I changed my resume, I received calls to interview right away. I wanted to write other's biographies. I now have my first client. On occasion, I'll realize I had not responded the same way to things, as old ideas and inner dialogues are fading away!

Since August I have been following my cycle reports. Today, I had a business appointment and they called to reschedule. After the call, I checked my cycle chart - wow - they asked to change to a date that was better for doing business. I love it!

My expression continues to reveal how harmonious and balanced life is, within myself, and my relationship with others. While I am seeking less, it seems things and people show up before I even realize I have a need.

Something surprised me recently, as I saw my reflection in the mirror - I didn't associate my image with the old name, the feeling is indescribable.

I am grateful for this enriching experience of my balanced name and the generous and loving support of everyone at the Society of Kabalarians!

Jocelan Delmars

Having my name change was the best thing that ever could happen to me in my entire life. I always felt that something was wrong with my name, and I never understood what it was. I never liked it, until the point that I decided to change my name myself and started to look in the internet to a different web site that could help me choose the right one.

I was going by meanings because to me every name has its meaning; I think it is very important in people's future and life. (I just knew that, but at that time I had no clue that I was a kind of right.) That was when I found you guys (the Society of Kabalarians), and I clicked to view the small video you play. And everything made sense for me. Even more when I started to read the testimonials of the other people and their successes. Something inside of me told me that this was what I was looking for. And gave me the strength and courage to do it.

Well, what happened to me was really incredible, I can't even believe it! I could swear that once I did it, the same moment the judge said I could use my new name; I felt that something in my mind changed instantly. I felt that something opened it up, and I could understand a lot of things that I never could before. I couldn't explain what happened, and ever since then my life started to improve in all the areas. My fears disappeared and I became somebody with more confidence and self-esteem than before. I now have courage to do things that I have always wanted to do and become a better person. And I don't regret ever. I thanks God first and then you guys for the great work that you do and how you help other people with this.

Aden K. Calderon - Cicero USA

When changing my name to a Balanced Name I felt a real freedom within myself. I became more expressive and happier with myself and with life in general. I became more confident. I used my new name for about 2 years before changing it legally. I have always remembered vividly that the day my papers where actually stamped in Victoria, making the name change legal I felt a specific lightness. I knew that the name change had gone through, and I immediately felt free from the restrictions of the old name. Later when I received the confirmation in the mail, the date I felt the change I am describing here was the very day it became legally effective. This has always demonstrated to me the very important link in changing one's name legally and having it exert its maximum influence in one's life. I have now had a balanced name for 31 years and can confirm that it adds so much to having a happy and balanced life.

K. M., Vancouver, Canada

My name is Ravey Johl and I have been a Kabalarian student for the past 5+ years. It was then when I was searching an interesting name for my second daughter. I was introduced to the Kabalarian Society and the interesting idea of how a name creates the mind of a person. I started reading some articles from the Kabalarian web site and tried out brief name analysis of my family members and friends, I was amazingly surprised by the accuracy of the analysis.

This is when I met Dhorea Delain (one of the staff at the office) and she helped me find a beautiful balanced name for my newborn daughter. I named her Denisah.

I was given two options the primary and secondary recommendations. I wanted to make the best choice for my daughter which meant I had to change my family name as well. Changing my family name was not easy but it was not too hard either. I convinced my community and family members that I have chosen to change the traditional family name from Jolapara to Johl. There was some resistance but I was able to explain the bigger reason. Eventually my family agreed with my decision.

In the process it interested me to get a balanced name for myself. I got my name report and chose my new name as Ravey that was close to the pronunciation of my original name Ravi. It has been close to 4 years since I officially changed my name from Ravi Jolapara to Ravey Johl.

The name change has brought in some clear changes in my thought process. My decisions which used to be very impulsive have now become more conscious. I enjoy a stable state of mind as compared to being restless and nervous. I used to be over worrying and highly emotional. Nowadays I have a holistic view of things and my emotions are controlled. I think I am clear of what I want to do and I focus my ideas to completion with better planning.

I have always been a home-loving person and I love to play a mediator in maintaining a healthy family environment. Again part of it I realize is because of my 2 birthpath. Earlier I used to do the same but it was a very taxing and used to drain me out. Nowadays I enjoy playing a peace maker and try to handle things with better understanding of people and their thought process. I don't get too involved nor worry much. Earlier my expectations were more demanding from my family and friends and when I didn't see them agreeing to my point of view, I used to pursue my ideals on them appearing too interfering. I think this has changed, thanks to the Life Analysis Training and the knowledge of cycles. Now my understanding of people and situations have improved. I have been following the Cycle Charts for over 4 years which I have found immensely helpful. It has again changed my entire outlook of life and has helped me better understand my family members, their feelings and emotions.

Earlier my spending was spontaneous, you like something go for it, whether it was a necessity or not. These days I am a conscious spender and I am able to better manage my finances.

My key takeaway is the philosophy that every individual has a purpose in life that is determined by their first breath and how having a balanced name makes this purpose so interesting and fulfilling. I also appreciate the ideal of Karma - "Reap as you Sow".

I would like to conclude stating that I truly am a different person by my thoughts, there is something that has caused this change; I don't think it's just maturity over time; I attribute these changes to the little knowledge I have gained so far from my learning of the Kabalarian Philosophy. There is more to life and I quest to learn more.

Ravey Johl

What's my name got to do with it?

In 1993, the internet and e-mail were still being invented. I was searching for answers out of a dead lock, catch-22 life. So a friend recommended I look at what my name has to do with it through Society of Kabalarians of Canada. They sent my request for a name change report through snail mail. I read it in the midst of an overwhelming life, looked at the funny names they suggested, thought I might have fancied a couple of them, and filed the report in my giant filing cabinet.

Last May (2010), while I was cleaning out that large filing cabinet that now held mountains of paper trails covering two decades of tedious work, the Name Report resurfaced. Once again my life was at a cross-roads. I felt stuck and wondered what the word "happy" really meant. So this time, I poured a hot cup of tea, closed the door, and re-read the Balanced Name Recommendation from 1993. I was already determined not to live the final twenty years of my life the way I lived them the previous twenty and more. I needed something to change. Not where I lived, not who I loved, not just what I ate or how much or what kind of exercise, but something on the inside needed to change. I wanted to feel what I thought "happy" was supposed to be.

I was shocked to see that over the past almost twenty years, about 80% of the Name Report had transpired, truly. There were things in Kabalarian's report that only my soul could know about how I thought. I called them.

Croft Rolind (one of the staff at the office) was a dear man on that first call. "Oh yes, let's see. Well, we have your address as...." I was impressed they had still a record of my early request. "Now we are digital" he said calmly but I could tell it rocked their world a bit, because he continued, "Now we can send you more names until you find one you like."

Really? I'm in. I want a new name, a new life. I'm 60 and if I'm supposed to give my life in service to others, I sure would like to enjoy it. The surname was easy to find. I wanted to keep my initials the same. It was my way of honoring my given name and after 40 years my body had memorized the movement of my hand so I needed a name where I wouldn't have to change my signature or my email account.

I asked to understand about the names they were choosing. Thinking I knew something about numerology, I wanted to participate in creating my new name, my new life. Clearly, I knew little. So I studied the Kabalarian Philosophy's Life Analysis Training course. As a teacher, if I had to grade a student like me they would have been generous giving me a D- on the home study package. I needed to see the whites of the eyes of these people with balanced names. I'm going to Vancouver. The weekend seminar was confirming in many ways. I realized the names of the people close to me explained much of what I saw in them and how their lives were reflected by their name. The best part was that people called me by my new name.

Do I notice a difference with the new name?

The new name makes me smile. Someone looks at me, says my name, and I feel the corners of my mouth lift. It is the most defined experience of the name change that I can relay. In general I feel lighter, more peaceful, better able to deal with the drama of life. I have a 9 birthpath, and "they say" 9s are dramatic. Now that I know I'm dramatic, I live it consciously. I just tell people my passion appears as drama... deal with it... and my responsibility with the intensity of my expression will be to own the drama and not put it upon you. Life is more fun with this awareness. And I know there are many more days of smiling.

While I was living the new name, before it had become legal, I played with it. For a while, I didn't know who I was or where I lived because I was traveling and using the new name in the new places. My family thinks I'm odd anyway. I tell them the name makes me smile. It is interesting to see the ones that want to give me the gift of my name and the people who claim I have made their life more difficult. I've never insisted they use my name, I just tell them it makes me smile. As the name becomes legal in all the parts of a long life, much of it public, I find the resolve and acceptance and wonder what the big deal was all about.

The people at the Society Kabalarians of Canada have been extremely supportive. Not just with information. I found this capsule of beings who live with balanced names carried an infectious atmosphere that I describe as "lightness of being." In my mind, it was refreshing to see this much light in a group of people when darkness is so easy to find.

With gratitude,

Julianaa Satie

Changing my name was one of the most important decisions I have made in my life

How could I have known a chance encounter with a friend would change my life forever? My friend Alexi (from years ago), surprised me when she announced her decision to change her name. There was a spark in her eyes and I noticed a new air of confidence that ignited my curiosity. This was especially meaningful because, here I was, considering changing my name again!

Before we parted, she suggested that I contact the Society of Kabalarians, who are experts in understanding the relationships of mathematics to language and how our names create our patterns of thinking, as well as the types of people and events that we likely attract. At first, I kind of shrugged it off; I was skeptical.

Then, after some time, I began thinking about the choices I’d made for my name, and I vividly recalled one experience that has led up toward making a decision about changing my name. I was a member of a community choir, and one night during rehearsal, we sang a song that included the words, “Sing your name!” The choir director spontaneously suggested, “Wouldn’t it be great if everyone got to sing his or her name?” This comment deeply resonated inside me because I’d never thought about what a big difference there is between saying your name as compared to singing your name. And while this thought was rolling around in my head, the choir director chose three people to sing her or his name. These individuals were glowing with pride as they sang their name. I was glad that she didn’t choose me. At the time, I was feeling uncomfortable about my name which is why I was in the process of deciding upon a new one.

Later that night, I went home and thought about all the names I’ve used. I’ve changed my name three times! Yet, I still didn’t fully and completely relate to any of the ones I had or chose. I asked myself, “What name would feel ‘just right’ if I were to sing that name to myself before I went to sleep at night?” At that moment, I intuitively understood that I could only live with a name that would give me a sense of contentment, especially when I was singing it. This realization brought tears to my eyes.

Prior to this experience, my mind kept going back and forth, trying to answer the question, “What’s in a name?” Little did I realize that, sometime later, my mind would also be stimulated by other people’s thoughts about my choosing a new name. Several people had already commented – something to the effect of, “Your original name is just as beautiful as any other you might choose.” I had mixed feelings when I heard this kind of comment because, most of the time, I felt like my original name never really suited me; nor did it matched-up with my true inner nature. Sometimes, the whole thing seemed to weight heavy on me, and I just wanted to forget all about this “name-changing stuff” and the internal struggles I was experiencing because of it.

That night, as I was trying to figure out what name I could comfortably go to bed singing, I felt an impulse to contact the Society of Kabalarians, those name-balancing experts. Something was pushing me to overcome my past skepticism.

I felt that I might get some measure of relief if I contacted the Society of Kabalarians as they should understand my concerns, especially with my previous unsuccessful past name changes. I anticipated it might prove to be a profound experience to have a Kabalarian consultant, who has never met me, be able to describe my thinking patterns based upon their principle that links language and mathematics through the name. I was already aware that none of us thinks without language, so I was totally intrigued by the Kabalarians’ claim to be able to accurately describe how mathematics is linked to letter and how both mathematics and language influences us. The Kabalarians believe there is measurable logic to letters that make-up a name, and that every name has its own particular energy vibration, its own harmony – like notes in a musical scale.

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Callie Levina

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