Worry - Fear - Jealousy

© Alfred J. Parker

Worry, fear, and jealousy are the exact opposite to happiness, health, and achievement. There are two things about which you should never worry: firstly, that thing which can be remedied--go straightway and mend it; secondly, that which cannot be helped and over which you have no control--take the lesson which it gives, send a thought of goodwill to all concerned, hold no malice, and put the problem out of your mind.

Every situation holds a lesson to be learned. Fear is lack of faith in yourself or in the Universal Consciousness. When you realize your oneness with the Universal Mind, you gain strength from the mental association, for it broadens your concept. A ride in a plane far above the earth will help dispel pettiness and give you a greater concept of the vastness of nature. It will lift your sights, and you will no longer fear the petty things about you.

Jealousy is nothing but an inferiority complex. If you know you have the ability to attract and hold those whose friendship is dear to you, you need have no fear. But remember, you can always hold others better by letting them go than you can by being too watchful or intent upon keeping them within range. Human nature loves freedom and resents compulsion. The more freedom you allow others, the more glad they are to return to you.

Love without possession is the great secret of a happy life. Give without measuring. Your reaction will be happiness and peace of mind. Do not criticize. It is evidence of a caustic and fault-finding mind and is not to be associated with happiness.

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