What a Wonderful World

© Excerpt Kabalarian Writings

A wonderful world is the result of balance between Reason and reality (as we perceive it). The intelligence of Reason becomes involved in the pattern of finite form creating natural beauty, harmony, and balance, which is reflected on this wondrous earth and called Mother Nature.

Although the involutionary process is impossible to see, we can trace backwards the evolutionary stages of life and thereby gain a concept of how and why Reason does become involved and thus better understand our part or role in the finite pattern of life.

Why Reason exists in the first place is at this time unanswerable but we know it does exist because we experience it. We can understand that this intelligent power of Reason incorporates within itself the principle of creativity causing reality to define itself through finite or dimensional form as demonstrated by the pattern of the universe and the life forms on our earth.

Scientific evidence points to a fiery beginning of our earth but through time and change, the earth has become hospitable to the creativity of life and formed the Garden of Eden of Reason within reality, hosting the life forms of intelligent expression, the most developed of which is humanity.

From seed to flower, young to old, child to sage, the involution of the life force causes the unfoldment of a myriad of potentials to fill the physical plane with an array of life forms to dazzle the senses with riotous colours, cacophonies of sound, scents, and tastes to make the senses reel, complexities of shapes and sizes to defy rhyme and reason. Life can and should be balanced and beautiful.

Languages have been the medium through which Reason has culminated its intelligent expression, developing the mind of humanity as the highest conscious expression of Reason.

People have, it seems, always sought for a clearer understanding of their relationship to this creative source. From building idols of worship to religious edifices of grandeur, the populace has attempted to reunite their lives with the highest essence of Being, that of Universal Consciousness.

It would appear that the creative power of life must struggle always to overcome the resistance to change and growth. Newton's laws of motion tell us that objects remain static unless acted upon by another motivating force. Whether it is the formation of a new island, the sprouting of a seed, or the travail of child bearing and birth, it requires a motivating cause to bring it about. Humanity remains static in its mental development because of its long term acceptance of custom and habit. It remains locked in existence based on feelings allowing emotions to direct its growth towards more desirable and less constructive objectives. Thus humanity grows in numbers, increases in discordance, and exponentially races towards self-destruction.

But invariably some people sense the inner voice of conscious, potential creativity and out of the masses arise those eager minds seeking change, growth, improvement, and greater closeness to that elusive understanding of Reason. The greater the motivation, the greater the change. Increased awareness of the universal scope of life awakens the creative power of Reason locked within the spark of potential within every human being.

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