What a Wonderful World

© Excerpt Kabalarian Writings

People can be content in just existing, to a point, as long as the body is not in pain, as long as there is food to eat, a comfortable place to live, and no pressures.

But invariably, when they reach the state of having everything, a restlessness sets in; like youngsters, once they get their homework done, once they have done whatever chores they might have to do, they say, "What do I do now?" "Can I go out?" They want to do this, go there, play ball, run down to see friends, or whatever, because life is pulsating, striving to grow.

We see that so readily on the living plane, but what we have to understand is that on the mental plane that same opportunity is there. But the mind must be awakened to think. The mind must be given the encouragement to look upwards. That is why ideals are so important and so necessary. We have constantly to recognize the next upward step. What can make us better? Physically, what can we do to be better? Mentally, what can we do to be happier? Spiritually, what can we really do to bring our purpose into a more complete and full expression? These questions, if retained in our minds on an on-going basis, give a sense of direction to every breath, to every thought, to every action, because it is each thought, breath, and action that determines whether we are going ahead or not.

Kabalarians have been given a certain concept of life, a picture to understand as to the relationships of the greater laws of being, the involution of Reason into reality, the evolution of reality back to Reason, the involution through the breath, the evolution through language and mind back to Reason. We have an understanding of the relationship of the physical, mental, and spiritual; the role of the physical body; the importance of the name, the balanced mind; the ideals and the attainment of that universal state of Reason.

The struggle is always to rise consistently above the gravitational pull of self because self is as strong as our feelings and our focus upon self. The more we change our mental direction from self, to expressing our purpose, the more we change that focus on self. Then the bigger our world becomes, the happier our lives become, the more complete our lives become.

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