What a Wonderful World

© Excerpt Kabalarian Writings

The minds of humanity can be motivated out of their static state of self interest and their purposeless pursuit of pleasurable experiences by awakening that latent creativity of Reason waiting, dormant, within every spark until the mind is stirred into interest through the expression of Reason on a Conscious plane recognized by its logic, practicality, applicability, and its common sense quality of intelligence. This state gives rise to inventions, discovery, scientific progress, and the discovery of knowledge.

Mental development faces two basic problems. The first is the human limitation of being tied to instinct through feeling. The second is not having the conscious insight automatically of understanding the potential, purpose, and fulfilment of each human being. This understanding would provide the clarity of one's purpose and the steps required for individual fulfilment. Without it, humanity waffles in a sea of confusion and desire.

Humans exist in feeling and instinctive responses until their minds are developed and taught to reason above their feelings. Controlled and channelled feelings are a supportive power to the mind, but uncontrolled feelings constantly force instinctive responses upon the brain, making the mind aware of feelings and subject to responding in thought relative to the feeling. A developed mind using reason causes nerve signals of control to resist the registering of impulses of feeling and override instinct with intelligence.

In life forms endowed without the reasoning capabilities of humans, instinct is necessary to provide the quality of intelligence required for survival and existence. Without language through which to reason, all life forms require the guidance of Reason expressing through the natural laws governing the pattern of life created by Reason in the first place. Such life forms know not why they act as they do, nor perceive the bigger picture of the universe. They maintain the static expression of the pattern of Reason on earth, slowly adapting to the changing qualities of intelligence expressing through the cycles of universal time.

Humans are linked to instinctive Reason through the sympathetic and autonomic parts of their nervous systems. The central nervous system is the human doorway to conscious growth, providing the avenue for Reason to develop to a conscious level of awareness, unfolding the potential of the universal spark initiated with the first breath.

The plan and pattern of life is balanced and beautiful when expressing instinctively the creative power of Reason.

Human mental expression can either add to that balance and beauty of life or interfere in ignorance of the plan and pattern, causing discord, distortion, and ugliness.

People till the earth, but if they do not understand the bigger pattern to life, they can cause disasters in the environment, distorting the delicate balance of nature in irreparable ways. Being freed from the binding patterns of instinctive behaviour and slightly awakened through the implementation of language, the human race struggles out of instinctive obedience into partial mental freedom. Without the guidance and control of instinct to govern actions and direct development towards the fuller expression of Reason, humans blunder along, living in an awareness of feelings close to the instinctive intelligence or survival, using their reasoning abilities on a limited scale to improve their lifestyle, motivated primarily by self interests and selfish desires.

Today, we have a beautiful world being destroyed by the distortions of selfish interests that direct humanity through emotional desires to plunder the earth in a vain search for a reward that will continue to elude them until Reason is brought into full expression.

...to be continued.

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