The Principle of Holistic Health

© Excerpt Kabalarian Writings

There is a growing resentment and reaction to the medical concepts of cut or drug, resulting in ideas of treatments of sickness through the use of natural forces, products and methods. Holistic healing methods are presented as using the whole natural forces of life available to solve human problems, physical sickness, mental disorders, and spiritual stagnation.

Whole health and a whole life is based on the fact of humanity harmonizing with all the laws of nature under which we live, which might be termed a whole principle or holistic principle. When there is a lack of awareness of the whole principle of constructive living, there arises a weakness in concepts on how to deal with life and its errors or sicknesses, and then we have what might be termed a holistic concept, perhaps expressing some degree of truth but lacking in the universality of the whole principle.

The state of health of the body is a direct reflection of the mind and any treatment of health must begin with the treatment of the mind. In the Kabalarian Philosophy, we are privileged to understand how mind is created and how the forces of intelligence can be recorrelated to establish harmony and balance. This truth is the fundamental step in any treatment of discord or sickness. To be unaware of this principle of mind creation and alteration is to be deprived of the most important tool in the treatment of sickness.

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