Spiritual Growth

© Excerpt Kabalarian Writings

A flower and its resultant seed pod is the completion of a cycle of expression which had its origin within the power contained in the seed from which the plant and flower grew.

In life, spiritual attainment is the result of the fulfilment of individual purpose. The nucleus of all life is the reason for being, which is the motivating power expressing through the form of life to bring about the complete unfoldment of the purpose for the expression of the reason for being.

The power in the seed is the central force throughout the entire lifespan of the plant, intelligently causing the unfoldment of natural growth. The beauty of the fulfilment was part of the nucleus; and every stage of growth, a preparation for the final culmination.

Within each person exists a nucleus, or reason for being which, if given full expression, will culminate as a highly developed awareness of mind, conceiving and understanding the power of Consciousness on its universal level. In studentship, we must recognize the understanding of the inner potential (birthpath) as the nucleus of our being, and grasp the ideals of universality that will direct the inner power of life along its path of growth towards its ultimate attainment, that of Universal Conscious expression.

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