Practicality, the Art of Reality

© Excerpt from Thoughts are Things by Alfred J. Parker

One must always get a practical view of things, as practicality is the art of reality, i.e., of bringing into tangible reality things that would otherwise be an unknown quality and quantity. Quantity is the reality of quality.

The greatest living example is that of the scientist, who is steadily releasing powers and energies for practical uses, thus emphasizing the unlimited potential that lies beyond man's comprehension until it is brought into practical reality. This is exemplified in the practical uses of electrical energy to produce innumerable practical outlets utilizing the power. Thus does quality become a knowable quantity or a reality.

This applies to degrees of intelligence that become a practical reality through experiences called life, although little is known about the why's and wherefore's of the many degrees or qualities of intelligence as exhibited within a group of individuals—thus bringing to the fore the point as to whether the degree of one's intelligence comes through birth (inheritance) or education, or some greater and almost unknown cause.

It is evident that little is known about the origin of thought and its instrument: mind. We do know that there are basic qualities such as honesty, justice, integrity, tolerance, generosity, etc., that when they become an integral part of one's thinking, they create a well-balanced and intelligent mind seeking te progressive path of refinement and culture, to the well being of self and others. We read much about the power of mind and thought, which power would be that over other minds, or the degree of positivity of mind to carry out its own thoughts and desires into actual reality.

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