© Excerpt Kabalarian Writings

Mind is created through the association of language in the form of an identifying name. Naming animate and inanimate objects transposes the energy of intelligence through the symbolism associated with the intelligent meaning represented by the word. Inanimate objects only take on quality, but a little baby has the potential of developing the power of intelligence to a greater degree. Mind is created through the name and stimulates the reason of being through a medium of intelligent expression that allows mind to develop.

What is mind? It is a correlation of energy. For example, Halley's comet has two nuclei. There is a core and there is material around the core. The central focal point of mind is the name. The reason for being of a mind is the name attached to the individual person. The name is the nucleus around which the mind can develop. If a child is not named, it will never have a mind. It will not live for very long. There has to be a nucleus.

In refining sugar, the sugar cane is crushed and made into a solution. It remains liquid sugar until crystallized sugar is seeded into the solution. This causes the further crystallization of sugar molecules, which then precipitate out into granulated sugar. Similarly, moisture in the air collects around dust to form rain drops. Mind forms around the nucleus of the individual. One says, "Who is this baby?" "This is baby Harry." One has created a nucleus around which the mind can grow and evolve.

Mind is the correlation of intelligence forces or intelligent thoughts that are related to the individual. Thoughts that are a part of the individual become part of one's mind. If a child in school cannot conceive long division, when he is thirty years of age he still will not be able to do long division because he did not learn it. It is not part of his mind because it never became part of his concept.

Mind is the correlation of intelligence that comes from within—the reason of being unfolding just as reason unfolds within a seed to result in a plant. Instinct, emotion, and feeling are parts of life and are translated through the pattern of thinking that is developed by the particular name, the pattern of mind.

Mind is a quality of intelligence that is related to the individual and is the compilation of the development of inner potential plus absorption from without, including the educational process from parents to grade school to higher schools of learning, and any other classes or training, books, travel, and experiences. The mind becomes a compilation of intelligent reasoning, facts, theories, and considerations or opinions.

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