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Marriage is a natural expression of life—the union of the positive and negative forces. On the physical plane this power is demonstrated through sexual awareness and physical procreation allowing for the continuation of the human species. Although essential, this is, however, the lesser of humanity's purpose and potential.

One's higher role is to unify the positive and negative forces of life through the development of mind, linking potential of reason, measured as the birthpath potential, with the finite plane of reality in form, i.e., exemplifying through living example the universal principle of balanced, harmonious expression of the union of the positive-negative forces of physical-spiritual powers through a universal mental concept.

Marriage is a more challenging role because it demands greater understanding, patience, tolerance, and self-discipline successfully to pass the test of the physical plane than if one remains single. In marriage one has to merge with the partner yet not lose one's individuality. In walking the pathway of life hand in hand in marriage one must submerge one's personal, individual interests to the good of the whole, the marriage itself. In many cases this means that neither partner is satisfied, for personal interests remain frustratingly unsatisfied or he or she is saddled with the responsibilities and burdens of the marriage, i.e., children, debts, partner's weaknesses, and other limitations.

If the marriage has no greater purpose than to have children, a home, and a partner, there is not as great a challenge, although many marriages fail even then because of personal incompatibility. But when a marriage requires continuous effort to grow towards a spiritual objective, it often happens that one partner loses interest part way along the path or cannot find within himself or herself the required strength for self-discipline. That person then becomes a drag on the unity of the marriage or even a belligerent interference in the pattern of application required for mental progress and spiritual attainment.

Harmony in marriage requires full communication between partners, constant sharing and giving to each other, the continuing clarification and encouragement of the ideals and practical application of the marriage, as well as inspiration, affection, romance, and, above all, love.

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