Mankind Makes the Age

© Excerpt Kabalarian Writings

As we look back over the ages we are prone to become awed by the vastness of time as we think of the great ages of the past in which empires rose and decayed; and there is the natural tendency to relate the nature and conditions of the different races who comprised those empires as being created and moulded by the particular age. We tend to think that the age makes mankind, instead of realizing that mankind makes the age.

Just exactly what time really is, is one of the great mysteries; actually time represents the manifestation of progression and growth, such as we see in spring, summer, autumn, and winter, only in a much larger way, in relation to the great ages.

As the nature and quality of the seeds sown in the spring determines the quality of the harvest in the fall, so does the nature of the age depend upon the evolution and growth of the human mind to create the experiences and conditions; thus you see, mankind moulds the age, because of being the only conscious form of intelligence.

Cycles of Time

Time is mathematics, for as soon as time is discernible in seasons it becomes form: and form is mathematical. Everything that is discernible through human sense is mathematical because it is form, no matter what dimension it manifests in. We have the erroneous impression that form must be solid to be measured.

Odours and vibrations of sound beyond the limits of human senses can be measured, e.g., the stratosphere, human emotions, thought reactions, and many other invisible forces and energies too numerous to mention. If you give this idea proper consideration you will begin to visualize the universality of mathematics, and you will regard this divine principle of measurement with greater respect than ever before.

A cycle is time divided up into component parts relative to the movement of the earth around the sun, which is the nucleus of this universe. The cycle is determined through application of the universal Mathematical Principle to the natural rhythms of nature.

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