The Involution and Evolution of Life

© Excerpt Kabalarian Writings

The oneness of the Principle of Being can best be understood by studying the individual steps or phases of the abstract involving into the finite and of the finite evolving back to the abstract.


By its very definition the abstract cannot be defined in finite terms. It is beyond our reach as mortal, finite beings. Reasoning allows us to understand the qualities of the abstract as we measure the expression of it in the finite realm. Certain terms such as "without form and void", "eternal", and "unknowable" are typical finite terms to explain its variance from the reality of form. True reality, of course, is the abstract, for it is permanent, unchangeable, and constant. The finite plane always is in a state of flux, and what is real in the sense of form and dimension today will be different tomorrow. Thus finite reality is temporal, a state of truth in motion, reflecting the principle of involution and evolution contained within the abstract. The attainment of Consciousness is the closest mind can come to the abstract plane.

Take the example of a kernel of corn, planted, cultivated, and harvested at the conclusion of its growth cycle. The harvested kernels, the ultimate stage of growth for that form of life, are finite, yet contain within themselves the abstract power of Reason, which is awaiting the appropriate conditions conducive to the germination of the seed and transformation of the abstract into the finite. The abstract potential in the kernel contains the complete intelligence or Reason for the full growth into the form of germination and the intelligent control of the growth of the plant to lock into the developing kernels the intelligence of Reason, that establishes the continuity of the life cycle of the corn plant, linking the relationship of Reason and reality through involution and evolution.

Human mind is the growth of the spark of Reason, which is involved within the finite body with the intake of the first breath.The mathematical intelligence of language and of the name linked to the individuality of the spark becomes the structural form of thought, mind, and personality, creating the individual expression of the evolving quality of Reason.

The abstract potential of Reason is linked to that spark of life, awaiting the growth and development of mind to be the vehicle for the expression of that Reason.

When mind has evolved through an expanding concept of the understanding of the Principle of life, it reaches a state of Consciousness, containing within itself the awareness of Reason, the abstract plane, and all the aspects of the Oneness of Being, but dependent upon the expression of mind to bring that level of understanding or quality of intelligence into expression.

Like the harvested kernel of corn, Consciousness attained through mental development contains the intelligence of abstract Reason, but is limited to the process of involution and evolution to bring that Reason into reality. Consciousness is the link between the duality of bring, the abstract and the finite.

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