Introduction to the Birthpath

© Alfred J. Parker

Everything in life has a reason for being, a purpose. As the abstract reason becomes a finite, tangible expression, that reason reveals itself in nature through the law of growth. For example, when an acorn under proper conditions eventually grows to become an oak tree thousands of times the size of the seed itself, the seed has fulfilled its purpose.

In the human species, reason becomes seeded with the first breath of life on a specific date. The birthpath, calculated from the day, month, and year of birth, reveals the path in life for each person to walk and the lessons to be learned. The potential indicated by the birthpath consists of qualities to be developed through one's thinking and the resultant actions. These qualities are inspirational, technical, or a combination of both.

The birthpath indicates in what way each person can best serve to make the world a better place in which to live. That potential expresses through mental development through the use of language, the "mental soil" through which each person unfolds his or her purpose. The power of the word expressed through language unfolds the experiences and circumstances that make up the pattern of life. Each thought is a living energy. A name must be harmonized to the birthpath in order that the way a person thinks and acts unfolds the potential step by step and day by day to become accomplishment and attainment.

A name with opposite qualities to the potential does not allow the balanced, natural expression and unfoldment of that potential. It creates the many expressions of frustration, unhappiness, and lack of fulfilment which result from desiring one thing but attracting something else. The result is turbulence and stress projected into one's experiences in life.

To reach one's highest potential requires effort and self-discipline. The foundation for mental growth comprises certain mental attributes: individuality of mind; an understanding of oneself and others; constructive, confident, self-expression and happiness; system, order, and thoroughness; inquiry and analysis; responsibility for others; depth of perspective; justice for all; and humanitarian ideals of service.

There must be an ideal for living, a recognition that nothing worthwhile is gained without effort. There is an important role for you to fulfil. You can make a difference!

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