Human Nature Can be Changed

© Alfred J. Parker

It has been erroneously expressed that one cannot change human nature; but if our intelligence, nature, desires, and characteristics are brought into being only through language through the attached name at birth, it stands to reason that a change of name could completely change the individual's nature in a reasonable length of time; this has been demonstrated thousands of times. If one has lived in a foreign country where names are spelled differently, and then becomes a citizen of a country where the spelling may be entirely different, it stands to reason that his nature and the conditions of his life may change completely. The same thing could happen relative to health. It is a proved fact that every name has a specific effect upon the body and its functions.

Every desire, sense, awareness, or any emotional disturbance must be translated into intelligent reality through language; there is no other channel: every impulse from the mind to the brain cells must be defined through language, even to create thought. How else could a person's nature, characteristics, desires, and urges come into being except through language? Any intelligent person knows that anything of a abstract or spiritual nature cannot be born into a person through a physical and finite phenomenon. The physical body and its functions are purely material and represent the quantity angle; whilst thought, intelligence, and consciousness express as human mind through the symbology called language, which to life is as the notes upon the keyboard of a piano. Mankind, through language, is permitted to bring into effect or reality all the manifestations that comprise human intelligence.

The giving of a name represents the creation of human intelligence, but through a change of name one can completely change one's nature, one's thinking, one's actions, and one's whole life with its associations which comprise environment and consequently, one's every experience. How else could human nature be changed?

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