How Each Quality Expresses Universal Love

© Excerpt Kabalarian Writings

There are many qualities of human natiure. If you have ordered a free Name Report you will know that your birthpath measured from your date of birth describes your inner most qualities.

To calculate your birthpath, add the month, the day, and year and reduce the number to a single digit.

January 1, 1971
(1) +(1) +( 1 + 9 + 7 + 1) = 20
2 + 0 = 2

A person born January 1, 1971 is a 2 birthpath. Calculate your own birthpath using the method above. The birthpath measured from the date of birth is the spiritual potential to be fulfilled by the development of the mind to a constructive plane of Spiritual Consciousness.

1 birthpath or name quality

The 1s express universal love by being dependable. They are not easily influenced by the opinions and actions of others. The 1s are trustworthy and loyal. They express universal love through their honesty with themselves and others. When you ask a 1 for advice, expect a candid, straight-to-the-point, truthful answer. When the 1s live to serve a universal purpose, they represent a strength of positivity and leadership for others to look up to and follow.

2 birthpath or name quality

Through the 2's diplomacy, understanding, warmth, and kindness, the 2s deflect friction and tension. When the 2 has learned to be more concerned with truth than with someone else's opinion and not drift toward the most persuasive type of influence, then the 2 has the greatest strength on its side in dealing with people. To fulfil their role on a universal level, the 2s must gain an knowledge of human nature and an ability to solve problems through an understanding of mind. Being sensitive and intuitive, the 2s sense when people are unhappy and seem to know what to say to help others.

3 birthpath or name quality

When the 3s are expressing their higher nature, they are naturally very generous and give from the heart. They love to share with others for the sheer pleasure in seeing others happy. The 3s are congenial in association as they have a natural love for all people. The 3s inspire others through their love of life and their undying optimism. Naturally cosmopolitan, the 3s meet and mix well with all types of people. The power of giving that 3s represent encourages greater expression and happiness in life.

4 birthpath or name quality

The 4s bring intelligence to universal love through clarification and understanding. The 4s represent a strength of intelligence, constancy, and steadfastness which has a stabilizing influence on others. When the 4s develop an understanding of people, they understand "the reason why" and then the higher qualities of patience and helping others through education express through the 4s. The 4's awareness of helping others is through their intellectual illumination upon many subjects helpful to others.

5 birthpath or name quality

The 5s express universal love through their sense of fairness, their willingness to help others and to champion the rights, particularly, of others in less fortunate circumstances. The 5s dislike bigotry and oppression. When expressing their higher natures, the 5s are charitable and, at times, over-extend themselves in helping others. The 5s appreciate progress and like to be on the cutting edge of discoveries that will make life better for people. The 5s express universal love through their intellectual development to find new meanings and theories that will ensure improvement of life's conditions.

6 birthpath or name quality

Naturally paternal and maternal with an intense desire to serve humanity, the 6s express universal love through their care and awareness of the needs of people, and their willingness to take on responsibility in hospitals and charitable and educational institutions. The 6s combine perceptivity, stability, and a natural sense of logic and common sense that calms the turbulence in others. The 6s are trustworthy and just. 6s often sacrifice their own opportunities in order to assist others, especially when they are supported by the love and respect of family and friends.

7 birthpath or name quality

Universal love expresses through the 7s when they share their deeper thoughts and universal ideas with others. The 7s are seeking the answers to life and when the 7 finds relaxation in verbal expression, and shares their thoughts, many times their intelligence opens up new realms of thought for others. The 7s love nature and the musical instruments that depict natural sounds and often their music has a unique inspirational expression. The 7's poetry and verse often depicts the beauties of nature and people and the sense of oneness of all things.

8 birthpath or name quality

The 8s express universal love for others in their efforts to create justice and equality for all people and their ability to understand and utilize the natural talents of others. The 8s are here to help the less fortunate and to establish a just and balanced economic system. The 8s are the business leaders, adept at directing the efforts of others along constructive lines, and accumulating for the benefit of and in service to humanity. As the 8s develop more tolerance and compassion, they realize their executive and organizing abilities are meant to establish better conditions for all people, not just for themselves.

9 birthpath or name quality

As the 9s express a universal love for all through service, and not build their world around personal and family love alone, the 9s find a balance and happiness in their lives. Charming, sympathetic, and affectionate, the 9s inspire people through drama, music, the arts, or public speaking. 9s make friends easily, with all type of people, and can make themselves at home in almost any environment. Their talents are many and varied. A 9's mind, when expressing universal love, is broad, deep, generous, and extremely forgiving—not vindictive or inclined to hold a grudge.

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