Healthy Thoughts

© Excerpt from Healthy Living, Kabalarian Philosophy

The founder, Alfred J. Parker, told us that happy thoughts are healthy thoughts, and within this thought is a vast message. Most people do not appreciate that every thought affects one's body.

Every note that a violinist plays creates a resonating sound within the violin. We hear short, long, low, or high frequencies. The physical body is like a violin and the mind is like the notes resonating through the body. Every cell reacts to an angry thought. Every part of the body is affected by a depressing, moody thought. If one is tense, jealous, or fearful, every quality of thought affects the quality of vibration of every cell from the tip of the toes to the top of the head because every cell vibrates.

Every thought should be constructive. The slightest slip from the constructive level is a personal injury to the body because the body will reflect every discordant vibration allowed through the brain cells. Every discordant thought will register and be an influence within the physical instrument. Relaxing may rebuild and offset the damage, but why create the damage in the first place? Why not learn to think constructively and happily at all times and let the body benefit from this constant influence of constructive, mental energy?

Happy thoughts are a product of a balanced, happy mind. How does one establish and maintain happy thoughts? It comes back to one's attitude, the half-full versus the half-empty idea. The optimism, the confidence, the self-assurance versus the fears, the inner securities, the lack of confidence by not being sure of oneself and of the future.

What is there to be happy about? It is a privilege to be alive. It is an opportunity to conceive and be aware of the beauty of life itself. Certainly, there is a lot of discord and suffering, but there is great beauty such as a beautiful sunrise and birds singing. So many things in life can make us feel harmonious with nature, harmonious with the life force. There is so much to be thankful for, just to be alive.

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