Constructive Thinking

© Alfred J. Parker

The ability to think logically is priceless. Millions of people think they think, but few create anything new in the way of theory or ideas, for thought must be molded and correlated in a definite pattern with continuity.

Concentration is the ability to focus upon a train of thought to the exclusion of all else. This allows one to see a subject in microscopic detail and to become fully conversant with the object concentrated upon. There is danger even in concentration: one may concentrate so intently upon an idea that it becomes an obsession. One may concentrate upon emotional thoughts until the mind becomes moronic and a menace to society.

Concentration is not necessary phenomenal. It is essential to constructive thinking, but must be imbued with a vital factor: an ideal. An ideal will lift the thought into a definitely objective plane; the ideal will supply a spiritual quality. An ideal should be the nucleus of the process of thought. With that nucleus, there must be applied concentration, followed by action to make the ideal a reality. How essential it is that the original thought be constructive and not destructive! The thinker must focus his vision upon attainment also, no matter how great the idea and the ideal. Step by step he must think it out logically, with a balanced mind, and step by step he must follow it through to attainment.

The creation of living thought is a very serious and vital subject to which all should give serious consideration if we desire to advance mentally and spiritually, be successful in our undertakings, and live a full and complete life. Thought is a divine power which can create constructive or destructive effects. It is constructive, creative, and progressive only when governed and guided through an ideal, and brought into reality through mental concentration and physical effort.

Do not lead a purposeless life. Neither live for self nor for the aggrandizement of one's self of personality. Without an ideal the mind is like an empty vessel, giving an empty, hollow sound when tapped. Life is a school of learning and of endeavour. Let each day add at least a crumb of constructive mental progress. Let us become mentally creative, for we cannot hope to advance and add anything to the sum total of human progress by repeating, parrot-like, the creative thoughts of others.

Life and thought are like a kaleidoscope; every turn and twist of the prisms brings to light new and beautiful forms and patterns, new shadings of thought that broaden our perspective and elevate our minds into new and higher planes of inspiration.

We encourage you to look into the universal principles taught in the Kabalarian Philosophy to learn to understand yourself, your family, your friends, and your business associates in a way you never thought possible. You will learn to understand the importance of your thinking in the creation of all the experiences in your life.

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