Common Sense

© Excerpt Kabalarian Writings

The Kabalarian Philosophy brings the common sense of refined living back into expression and provides a logical, intelligent way of life, which assists each person with an automatic pattern for physical, mental, and spiritual progress leading to the attainment of life's purpose. We must work to reverse the degenerating trend by exemplifying the common sense in constructive living.

Remember that one constructive thought directed with specific purpose has far more impact and achieves far greater results than the confused thoughts of general emotional discord.Therefore, our individual thought with its specific purpose has much greater effect and therefore has much greater importance than the confused thoughts of mass-mindedness.

One constructive thought can lead confused thoughts into order and accomplishment. Let our thoughts lead the way towards constructiveness.Let our actions be the exemplification of our constructive living.Let our lives be the expression of our highest potential.

The why of life no one knows.But the way of life can be understood, for it represents the path of unfoldment of the Universal Spirit through its myriad channels.The human mind may perceive an understanding of itself and of the natural laws that govern all forms of life.The power within humanity is like the power in the seed that produces species.But in people this spiritual power is limited in expression to the degree of balance of mind.

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