© Excerpt Kabalarian Writings

Everything in life has a reason for being, a purpose. For example, an acorn, when planted, becomes an oak tree thousands of times bigger than the acorn itself. What is that abstract power in the acorn seed that causes the plant to grow in such an intelligent, systematic way to an ultimate fruition? In Kabalarian teachings that power is termed Reason. Reason is the intelligence that creates the harmony, the pattern, and the picture of balance within the vastness of life itself. All species beneath humankind follow their purposes instinctively propelled forward by intelligent forces to an ultimate fruition of purpose. Earth life reflects the constant involving of intelligence or Reason into finite life and its evolution back through growth to fruition. The finite plane is always in a state of flux, and what is real in the sense of form and dimension today will be different tomorrow. Thus finite reality is temporal, a state of truth in motion reflecting the principle of involution and evolution contained within the abstract. The attainment of Consciousness is the closest human mind can come in its evolutionary pathto the abstract plane.

The specific date that a child is born denotes the quality of the potential seeded within. As soon as a newborn takes its first breath of life, intelligence and Reason become a part of the child, causing the systems of the body to function with intelligence and setting in motion a growth pattern for the child.

The birthpath is determined by the day, month, and year of birth, and when measured mathematically reveals the path in life for each person to walk and the lessons to be learned.

Human mind is the growth of the spark of Reason which is involved in the finite body. The mathematical intelligence of language and of the name linked to the birthpath become the structural form of thought, mind, and personality, creating the individual expression of the evolving quality of Reason.

A name, which creates one's personality, must harmonize or balance to the birthpath in order for the inner potential to express fully and harmoniously.

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