A Happy Mind Means a Happy Life

© Excerpt Kabalarian Writings

It is your thinking that constitutes your life; therefore let your thinking and your life be happy regardless of difficult material situations and conditions. There will be fewer problems with a happy mind, for it is the worrying mind that creates its own problem. What is a problem to one is not to another. A person needs all his or her mental energy through which to think; do not expend it uselessly through worry, which is actually a mild state of panic. Do what you can, and forget what you cannot.

The greater the problem, the greater the need for clear thinking. Do not spend your life in mental darkness; learn to detach your mind from business affairs as soon as possible; do not carry worries home with you. Only so much mental time should be allotted to your material affairs; do not allow them to trespass into your personal life and your search for happiness and wisdom. Learn to detach yourself at will, and in time it will become a natural phenomenon. Never allow your thoughts to disturb you emotionally, for it is the disturbance of the emotions that destroys the balance of the mind and thinking. Think only intellectually and logically on all problems. Do not try to find happiness in business; it is a false concept.

Strive always for happy thoughts and develop a universal perspective; i.e., think of life in the sense of universality—of the greatest good for the good of all; seek wisdom for service to others and as a duty to your own inner source of Consciousness. Keep your thoughts off self as much as possible, for self is your worst enemy, demanding undue attention and narrowing your perspective to a destructive degree until you become your own greatest obstacle. Strive for happiness through right thinking, and your health and life will reflect the beauty of your thoughts.

You create harmonious channels of constructive effort by understanding your birthpath and the experiences and associations necessary to its attainment, and by locating an occupation relative to it through education. Your vocation, associations, and entire background will then be conducive to contentment and happiness.

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