How to Make Each Quality Happy

© Excerpt Kabalarian Writings

Over the past issues of the newsletter, we have talked about the qualities of the birthpath. In this newsletter, we are offering a few more thoughts on how to understand the different qualities, whether they be found in the name or the birthpath, and how to bring out the best from that quality.

To calculate a birthpath, add the month, the day, and year and reduce the number to a single digit between one and nine.

June 12, 1975
6 + 1 + 2 + 1+ 9 + 7 + 5 = 31
3 + 1 = 4

A person born June 12, 1975 is a 4 birthpath. Calculate your own birthpath using the method above. The birthpath measured from the date of birth is the spiritual potential to be fulfilled by the development of the mind to a constructive plane of Spiritual Consciousness.

1 birthpath or name quality

Give the 1s the opportunity to do what they can do best: creating something new and original. Give the 1s the chance to express individuality and creativity and they feel a sense of completeness and fulfilment. You will find that enthusiasm, power, and initiative are all behind that creativity; whereas if you say, "This has to be done. Get it done," then it is only with that sense of dedicated loyalty that the 1s do the job. The 1s go through the motions but we have lost an opportunity to maximize the use of the 1's potential.

2 birthpath or name quality

The 2s need to know that there is some loyal support to rely on when the going gets rough. The 2s have that quickness of mind and cleverness in ability to work with people, to charm people, to bring the best out of people. The 2's power can help make all people feel and sense a natural unity. That is the role of the 2s: to create strength in numbers. So give the 2s a chance to do their best through encouragement and your confidence in them. Be a strong support for the 2 quality.

3 birthpath or name quality

Give the 3s the opportunity to express happily, musically, and creatively, and you have a powerhouse. The 3s tend to become sarcastic when depressed over details or thwarted in their natural, fun-loving, expressive natures. When the 3s are sarcastic, they are not happy and they are not able to express that natural bubbly expressive power. Help the 3s handle the details and drudgery with incentives. Make the drudgery fun in some way, if its possible!

4 birthpath or name quality

The 4s have to sense that there is a settledness to life. The 4s cannot be pushed. They need time to think ideas and plans through before coming to decisions. If you push the 4s they become very stubborn and will not change. Give the 4s sufficient detailed information when you want them to make a decision. The 4s have to have the picture laid out of where they are going and how to get there. Then the 4s will think about it and will come to their own definite conclusions because they have formed every little bridge from one thought to the next. You will find that when the 4s know something, it is forwards and backwards.

5 birthpath or name quality

The 5 quality looks for happiness through new experiences, either physical or mental. The 5s are negative through extreme candidness or through critical thoughts, intensity, temper, or moodiness. This is an unhappy state of expression that results from repression. Just as the 3s need to make life fun or exciting, the 5s need a similar type of thing. The 5s want to be creative in carving new paths. The 5s do not like to be tied down. Encourage the 5s to try new things, to go to new places, make life interesting for the 5s.

6 birthpath or name quality

The 6s are happiest when they are needed because the 6 represents responsibility for others. The 6s respond to responsibility, be it a job or family, or in school, the 6s take the lead for others. Where there is responsibility of being in charge and having it all smoothly looked after, the 6s are happy. They respond well when you encourage their creative, responsible natures.

7 birthpath or name quality

When the 7s are into a definite philosophical plane of thinking that is more substantial, they are happier. They do not like the superficiality and artificiality of life. They must be given opportunities to express something deeper. They need association with others to stimulate their thinking, to make them want to be more philosophical. The 7s are happiest when their inner potential of depth is expressing. You have to draw the 7 out: "What do you think about such-and-such?" and help them in making decisions.

8 birthpath or name quality

The 8s are happiest when they are unrestricted in their movements and they feel the freedom of having the wherewithal to be unfettered in their wants and their ambitions. A practical quality of 8s causes them to exercise reason over feeling, and therefore they are happiest when their reasoning creates harmony, happiness in others, and cooperative goodwill amongst all concerned. Generosity is a natural expression of the happiness of 8s. Help the 8s be their own boss, to make their own decisions, and help the 8s realize that they are responsible for improving life for others.

9 birthpath or name quality

The 9s detest the drudgery of routine—house cleaning and other unimaginative and boring work-type responsibilities. The 9s enjoy being able to flow through life leaving in their wake a trail of disorder and being able to have others take care of the clean-up of such results. Again, drudgery and routine are lessons for the 9 but must be taught in a relaxed, fun-loving way. The 9s enjoy a whirlwind of activity wherein they are able to touch the lives of many people, spreading the warmth and the power of inspiration wherever they go. Kindness and love motivates a 9 through the monotonous events of life.

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