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Plan with Confidence

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If you were a gardener, would you ignore the correct time to sow your seeds? If the captain of a vessel, would you ignore weather phenomena and the seasons relative? If an astronomer, would you ignore the times of eclipse or the cycle of certain planets that appear and reappear according to mathematical computation? Then why ignore such a law in your personal life, and work without guidance? "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven" (Ecclesiastes 3:1), and this applies to everyone's life regardless, for we are all born into time and governed by it consciously or otherwise.

What creates nervous tension, worries, and nervous breakdowns in business people, but waiting for the unexpected, hoping for the best, and receiving the worst: that sale that did not prove successful, the sudden depression in business that was so unexpected, and so on without end? It is not always so much what people know but what they do not know and have not prepared for. These are the nemeses of business careers.

With the help of nature's laws, many of the major worries of business could be eliminated, and allow time for more balanced expression of life. Allow nature to work for you; learn to understand the cyclic law that your efforts may grow in conformity to time as does the plant. We now live in the time of discovery. Never discount what you do not understand. Keep abreast of the times and stay healthy and happy.

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