What is God?

© Excerpt from the first study program, Life Analysis Training, by Alfred J. Parker

The Kabalarian conception of God is that he is a cosmic law that is not a separate entity either in a physical or spiritual form, i.e., not an individual personality. God the Principle is all life in its entirety, and life is created in duality, which includes the positive and negative manifestations of life—male and female, spirit and earth.

When we think of God we forget individual personality and look at all life as an evolutionary growth. We are told in the Book of Genesis that spirit became involved in the earth in water, the first form of life, and from water all forms of life have evolved; all life is growth. We see the parallel in the growth of a tree from a seed: contained within the seed is a power that cannot be segregated and discerned by science; this power evolves through the many stages of growth of the plant from the root to the stem, the branches and leaves, and then the bud that opens and releases the flower, which is the climax of growth; the petals then leaving the nucleus of the fruit, which swells and ripens and then falls to the ground to be buried by the falling leaves in the winter. This shows the evolution of the spirit power within the seed to the fruit, which contains another seed, and when the fruit falls to the earth we have again the involutionary process, the power from the old seed being reseeded through its own created seed. Thus does God the Power become seeded into life as a power that expands and produces all species and forms of life, finally arriving at man, the highest physical development upon the Tree of Life.

Man, through the power called mind, unfolds a new plane of life called Consciousness, which is the highest conceived power discernible through concept. As mind develops through analysis, it begins to study the manifest plane and then finally there awakens conception of wisdom. This is when mind arrives at an understanding of oneness with God the Spiritual Principle.

God is duality, the visible and the invisible. The spirit is the highest essence of life; it contains Conscious Intelligence and is the realm of the fourth dimension. The physical manifest plane that embodies the spirit is called the third dimension.

When this Consciousness becomes involved through a lowered vibration, form appears, and form is the mathematical manifestation of spirit. It is called matter, or earth, and is the negative form of spirit revealed to human senses; this form (earth) is symbolized in all ancient philosophies as woman and is termed Mother Earth; it is symbolized in the Virgin Mary, and is the principle of fertility from which all growth has its origin in form. It is the unity of Father the Spirit with Mother Earth, the positive and negative, that gives life; thus we see that the Consciousness of God the Principle becomes seeded or lost in the lower forms of life, but finally this Consciousness in its evolutionary process unfolds through man in the form of wisdom, just like the flower unfolds on the plant.

Thus we see that only the spirit evolves through its many forms of growth, and ultimately grows back to Consciousness or spirit from which it came. We see this life growth as God the Principle, each form being God, but Consciousness through the human mind is the highest manifestation on this physical plane.

The God Power sleeps in the earth, manifesting through the dimensional law, and awakens to Consciousness through the human mind. When we understand the natural and mental laws, we are able to hasten the unfoldment of the spirit through conscious mental effort by applying ourselves to certain principles that govern growth and progress.

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