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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aberthol Abloc Ada Adaf Adain
Adam Adda Addien Addolgar Addonwy
Adwen Adwr Aed Aedan Aedd
Aeddan Aeddon Aelhaern Aelindel Aergul
Aeron Aeron Aerthirn Aethwy Afan
Afarwy Afloeg Agned Agnes Aidan
Aircol Alafon Alan Alaw Alaw
Alawn Alban Albanwr Alcwyn Aldrydd
Aldwyn Alec Aled Alice Alicia
Alis Alison Allin Alsid Alson
Alun Alwin Alwyn Alwyn Alyn
Alyn Alys Amaethon Amathaon Ambrose
Amerawdwr Amhar Amig Amlawdd Amlodd
Amlyn Amren Amy Amynedd Amyneddgar
Anarand Anarawd Anarawd Andras Andreas
Andrew Andrew Aneira Aneirin Aneurin
Anfri Angawdd Ange Angharad Anghrist
Angor Angwyn Anian Anion Anna
Anne Annes Antonia Anwar Anwas
Anwell Anwell Anwen Anwil Anwill
Anwill Anwir Anwyl Anwyl Anwyll
Anynnawg Anyon Arawn Arcol Arddur
Ardwyad Arfon Argel Arglwydd Arhtudd
Arhuiret Arial Arian Arian Ariana
Ariane Arianvagyl Arianwyn Ariene Armagil
Armel Armes Arnallt Arofan Arsehole
Artbeu Arthawd Arthbodu Arthcumanu Arthen
Arthfael Arthfoddw Arthfyw Arthmail Arthog
Arthuodu Arthur Arthwr Artro Arval
Arvan Arvel Arvil Arvor Arwel
Arwen Arwyn Arwyn Arwystli Asaff
Asaph Atha Athan Athruis Athrwys
Atoc Augustine Auner Aurifaber Auron
Auryn Austin Avaon Awel Awen
Awst Awstin Bach Bach Bach
Bach Badan Badden Baddon Baden
Badham Baeddan Baglan Balch Banon
Banys Barnic Barri Barris Barruc
Barrwg Barry Barwyn Baugh Bdwyn
Beatrice Beavan Beavan Beaven Bechan
Beda Bedo Bedvyr Bedwyr Bedyw
Beinon Beli Ben Ben Bened
Benedict Benet Bennion Berddig Berian
Berth Berth Berwyn Beryl Bescanon
Bet Bethan Bethell Beti Betsan
Beuno Bevan Bevan Beven Bevin
Bevyn Beynon Biuan Biuon Bladen
Blaen Blaidd Blaiddudd Blair Blair
Blaire Blaire Blathaon Blayney Blayr
Blayr Blayre Blayre Bleddig Bleddri
Bleddyn Bledgur Bledig Bledri Bledud
Blegwyrd Blegywryd Bleidcu Bleidd Bleiddgu
Bleiddian Bleiddudd Bleinbiv Blethin Blethin
Blethint Bleuddydd Blevens Blodwyn Bongam
Bonner Bow Bowe Bowen Bowen
Bowen Bowen Bowie Brac Brace
Brachanios Brad Bradach Bradwen Bradwr
Braen Braen Braith Bran Branoc
Branud Branwaladr Branwen Brathach Brennig
Briafael Brian Brian Briant Briauail
Brice Brice Bricen Briceton Brieg
Brinley Brioc Briog Brochan Brochfael
Brochmael Brochmail Brochmaili Brochuail Brochwel
Brocuail Brod Broddie Broddy Broderic
Broderick Broderick Brodric Brodrick Brodryck
Bron Bronnie Bronny Bronwen Bronwyn
Bronya Brude Brugyn Brwyno Bryce
Bryce Brycen Bryceton Brych Brychain
Brychan Bryn Bryn Brynach Brynley
Brynmor Brynn Brynn Brys Bryson
Bryston Brython Buban Buddug Bwlch
Byrguith Cabal Cadan Cadarn Cadawg
Caddoc Caddock Caddock Cade Cadel
Cadell Cadellin Caden Cadeyrn Cadfael
Cadfan Cadfannan Cadfarch Cadifor Cadlew
Cadmael Cadman Cadmon Cadoc Cadog
Cadogan Cadogan Cador Cadrawd Cadugan
Cadwal Cadwalader Cadwalader Cadwaladr Cadwaladyr
Cadwallen Cadwallon Cadwared Cadwgan Cadwgawn
Cadwgon Cadwr Cadwy Cadyryeith Caer
Caerau Caerwyn Caffo Cai Cain
Cain Caitlin Calaeryn Calcas Caleb
Caleb Caledfryn Caledvwlch Caledwyn Cam
Camedyr Candalo Candalou Cant Cantor
Capellanus Caradawg Caradoc Caradoc Caradog
Carannog Carantoc Caratauc Carbani Carbanig
Carentoc Carey Carey Cari Caris
Carl Carne Caron Caron Carron
Caru Carwyn Cary Caryl Carys
Caryse Cas Casnar Casnodyn Cass
Cassian Cassidy Caswallon Catell Catgen
Catgual Catguare Catguaret Catgucaun Catgucauni
Catguocaun Catguoret Cath Catherine Catleu
Catoc Catoci Catocig Cattwg Catwg
Cawder Cawrdav Cecil Cecilia Cecily
Cedewain Cedifor Cedig Cedric Cedrick
Cedrik Cedrych Cedwyn Cefni Cefyn
Cei Ceidio Ceidiog Ceidiog Ceidrych
Ceinfryn Ceinlys Ceinlys Ceinwen Ceiriog
Ceirion Ceiro Ceithin Ceitimor Cellan


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