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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aberfa Abertha Acgarat Ada Adain
Adam Adara Adda Addfwyn Addien
Addiena Adency Adenydd Aderyn Adwen
Adyna Aedan Aedd Aelwen Aelwyd
Aeres Aerfen Aeron Aeron Aerona
Aeronwen Aeronwenn Aeronwy Afanen Agnes
Agrona Ahrianne Aidan Airiran Aironwen
Alan Alaw Alaw Alban Alcwyn
Aldwyth Aldyth Alec Alec Alice
Alice Alicia Alicia Alis Alison
Allin Almedha Alson Alun Alwen
Alwena Alwin Alwyn Alwyn Alyn
Alyn Alyn Alyn Alys Ambrose
Amlyn Amranwen Amren Amser Amy
Amy Amy Amy-Louisa Anarawd Anarawd
Anchoret Andras Andreas Andrew Aneira
Ange Angharad Angharat Angharawd Anghard
Angharrett Angwen Anna Anna Anna
Anne Anne Anne Annes Annest
Annete Annwyl Annwyl Antonia Antonia
Antonia Anwar Anwen Anwyl Anwyl
Anwyn Anwyn Arain Aranrhod Aranwen
Arddun Aregwedd Arfonia Argel Arglwyddes
Argoel Argraff Arial Arian Arian
Arian Arian Ariana Ariane Arianel
Arianell Arianna Arianna Ariannell Arianrhod
Arianwen Arianwyn Ariene Arlais Armel
Armes Artaith Arthes Arthur Arvan
Arvel Arvil Arwel Arwen Arwenna
Arwydd Arwyn Arwyn Asgre Atgas
Atha Augustine Aurddolen Aurifaber Auron
Auryn Austin Awel Awela Awen
Awena Awstin Aylir Ayllwen Aylwen
Bach Bach Baden Balch Banon
Banwen Barri Barry Batch Baugh
Beatrice Beatrice Beaven Bechan Beda
Beli Bellis Ben Ben Benbras
Bened Benedict Benet Bengrek Berian
Berth Berth Berthog Berwyn Beryl
Beslynn Bet Bethan Bethell Beti
Beton Betriss Betrys Betsan Betsi
Bettrys Bevan Bevan Beven Bevin
Bladen Blaidd Blair Blair Blaire
Blaire Blayr Blayr Blayre Blayre
Bleddyn Blevens Blodeuedd Blodeuwedd Blodeuyn
Blodwedd Blodwen Blodwin Blodwyn Blodwynne
Blodyn Bongam Bonner Bow Bowe
Bowen Bowen Bowie Brac Brace
Brad Braint Braith Bran Brangwen
Brangwy Branwen Branwenn Branwyn Braunwynn
Bregus Brehn Brengain Briallan Briallen
Briallu Brian Brian Brian Briant
Brice Brice Brigit Brinley Broderick
Broderick Bron Bronia Bronmai Bronney
Bronnie Bronny Bronwen Bronwin Bronwyn
Bronwynn Bronwynne Bronya Bryce Bryce
Brycen Bryher Bryn Bryn Brynley
Brynmor Brynn Brynn Bryson Brythonig
Brythonwen Buddug Byora Cade Cadell
Caden Cadi Cadwyn Caerwyn Caethes
Cafell Cai Cain Cain Cainell
Cainwen Caitlin Caleb Cam Caniad
Cantor Capellanus Caradoc Caradoc Cardyff
Carey Carey Carey Carey Cari
Cari Caris Carissa Carissa Carl
Caron Caron Caronwen Carreg Carron
Carrone Carryl Caru Carwen Carwyn
Cary Caryl Carylle Carys Caryse
Cas Cass Cassidy Cath Catherine
Catherine Cathoel Cathwg Cati Catrin
Catylyn Caulyne Cecil Cecilia Cecily
Cedric Cei Ceindeg Ceindrych Ceinie
Ceinlys Ceinlys Ceinwen Ceinwin Ceiridwen
Ceirios Cellan Celyn Cemlyn Cenydd
Cera-Llyn Cerdd Ceri Ceri Cerian
Ceridwen Ceridwyn Ceris Cerridwyn Cerys
Charles Christian Christiana Christyan Ci
Cian Cianwn Ciara Ciara Ciara
Ciaran Cicely Cigfa Cini Cirdan
Cirwen Cledwyn Cledwyn Clud Clyde
Coch Cody Coel Colan Colan
Cole Coll Collen Collwen Collwen
Colm Colwyn Conan Conlan Conway
Cordae Cordelia Cordelia Cordelie Cordett
Cordette Cordey Cordi Cordia Cordie
Cordilia Cordula Cordy Corista Corsen
Coutta Craddock Craddock Cragen Craig
Crak Cranogwen Creiddylad Creirwy Crek
Crisiant Crisly Crislye Crispian Crist
Cristyan Cristyn Crouthores Crystal Crystal
Cutta Cydella Cyffin Cymreiges Cymric
Cymry Cyn Cynan Cynon Daere
Dafydd Dai Dakin Daned Daniel
Daniel Danu Daron Daryn David
Davies Daytine Dea Deah Dede
Dede Dedie Dedwydd Dedwydd Dee
Dee Deea Deea Deedee Deedee
Dee-Dee Dei Dei Deiniol Deio
Del Delia Delwen Delwin Delwyn
Delwyn Delyth Dera Dera Derene


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