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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Adachi Adam Aegileif Aesa Aldis
Alfdis Alfeior Alfgeror Ali Ali
Alof An Ani Arai Ari
Arnbjorg Arndis Arneior Arnfrior Arngeror
Arngunnr Arni Arnis Arnkatla Arnleif
Arnora Arnthruor Asa Asbjorg Asdis
Asgeror Ashildr Asi Asleif Asny
Asta Astrior Asvor Auor Auor
Balki Bera Bergdis Bergljot Bergthora
Birna Bjargey Bjollok Bjorg Bjorn
Bogi Bot Botey Brandi Brandi
Brandi Brandi Bruni Bryngeror Dagrun
Dalla Darri Dis Dyrfinna Eirny
Elina Eona Erichtho Eydis Eyja
Fastny Finna Finni Fjorleif Fregeror
Friogeror Gauthildr Geirbjorg Geirhildr Geiri
Geirlaug Geirny Geirrior Geror Gjaflaug
Gossamer Grani Greloo Grima Groa
Gunnhildr Gunnvor Guobjorg Guolaug Guoleif
Guony Guorior Guorun Gyr Hafthora
Halla Hallbera Hallbjorg Halldis Halldora
Hallfrior Hallgeror Halli Hallkatla Hallveig
Hallvor Harri Heimlaug Heior Helga
Helgi Herdis Herrior Herthruor Hervor
Hildigunnr Hjalmgeror Hjalp Hlif Hrafnhildr
Hrefna Hroony Hungeror Idylle Ingibjorg
Ingigeror Ingileif Ingrior Ingunn Ingvoldr
Iounn Isgeror Jarngeror Jodis Jofrior
Jon Jora Joreior Jorunn Kali
Kali Kali Kalman Kaolin Kari
Kari Kari Karl Karli Karr
Katie Katie Katla Ketilrior Kjolvor
Kolfinna Kolgrima Kori Kylan Maeva
Mani Melkorka Mjoll Moeior Myrgjol
Myrun Nelkie Niobjorg Oddbjorg Oddfrior
Oddi Oddlaug Oddleif Oddny Oli
Ondott Ormhildr Osk Otkatla Pall
Petr Potasio Raforta Ragi Ragnheior
Ragnhildr Rannveig Reginleif Rhylin Rjupa
Rudo Saehildr Saemundr Saeuor Salbjorg
Salgeror Samr Signy Sigrior Snaelaug
Snorri Sokki Solveig Solvi Solvor
Sowerby Steinunn Steinvor Sturla Svana
Svanlaug Swanhwid Tanni Thjoogeror Thjoohildr
Thora Thorarna Thorbjorg Thordis Thorelfr
Thorey Thorfinna Thorgeror Thorgrima Thorhildr
Thorir Thorkatla Thorlaug Thorleif Thorlot
Thorny Thorodda Thorunn Thorve Thorvor
Thraslaug Thurior Tofa Torfi Ulfeior
Ulfheior Ulfhildr Ulfrun Unngrim Valdis
Valgeror Vali Vedis Velaug Veny
Vigdis Vilborg Vilgeror Wiidia Willaphane
Yngvildr Yrr


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