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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Abbo Abelard Ablabius Achila Ada
Adal Adal Adalard Adalbert Adaldag
Adalhard Adalric Adel Adel Adel
Adel Adelard Adelbert Adelheid Adeline
Adelric Adlar Adler Adolf Adolph
Adolphus Aega Agila Agilbert Agiwulf
Agobard Agriwulf Aidoingus Aigulf Aiken
Ailsa Aithanarid Alajos Alaois Alard
Alaric Alatheus Alaviv Alberic Albern
Albert Alberta Albertine Alcuin Alda
Aldgisl Aldo Aldrich Aldridge Alex
Alfonsa Alfonso Alfred Alfred Alfreda
Alger Alica Alice Alicea Alicia
Aligern Alina Aline Alirick Alisa
Alison Alison Alissa Alissandre Alix
Alla Allard Allis Allison Allison
Allowin Alonso Alonza Alonzo Aloys
Aloysia Aloysius Alphonsa Alphonse Alphonso
Alphonza Alric Alrigo Alrik Alston
Alvan Alvin Alvina Alvyn Alwin
Alwyn Alyce Alys Alyssa Amal
Amalaric Amalia Amalie Amalricus Amand
Amator Ambert Amelia Amelie Amerigo
Amery Ammius Amory Amselmo Anagastes
Ancil Andagis Angegisis Angilbart Angilbert
Angroth Anianus Anno Annraoi Ansegisel
Ansel Anselm Anselma Anselme Ansgar
Ansila Ansis Anskar Anthelme Anzel
Anzelm Aoric Apahida Ara Arabella
Arbitio Arbogast Arbogastes Archibald Arculf
Ardabur Ardaric Ardith Ardmore Argaith
Aria Ariaric Aric Aric Arik
Arimir Arius Armand Armando Armanno
Armin Armino Armon Armonno Arnaldo
Arnold Arnoul Arnulf Aroldo Arrighetto
Arrigo Artaud Arvandus Arvin Asbad
Aspar Asselin Astrid Atacinus Ataulf
Ataulph Athalaric Athanagild Athanaric Atharid
Athaulf Atreu Auberon Aubrey Aubrian
Audoen Audomar Audoneus Audramnus Audrey
Audrey Audwin Audwyn Augustine Avery
Axel Aylmar Aylmer Aylsworth Aylward
Aylwin Aylwyn Babai Badua Baduila
Baldwin Baldwyn Baran Bardon Barin
Baron Barrett Barrin Barron Bartram
Bathild Baugulf Bauto Bavo Bayard
Baylor Baza Beldan Beldane Belden
Belinda Bemnryn Benild Bera Berchar
Berengar Berig Berimud Berimund Berkeley
Bernard Berno Bero Bert Berta
Bertelis Bertha Berthaire Berthold Bertille
Bertin Bertine Bertok Bertold Berton
Bertram Bertrand Bertulf Bertwin Bessa
Bessas Bessi Besso Beuca Beucad
Beverly Bevis Bigelis Bilimer Birinus
Bliss Blutmund Bob Booker Booth
Borani Boso Bovo Boyce Boyden
Bradley Braga Brainard Brandila Brandon
Brandon Brant Brantley Braxton Brend
Brenda Brice Britius Brocard Brooke
Bruna Bruno Bud Burchard Burke
Burkhard Burleigh Burley Butilin Byron
Candac Cannabas Canute Carla Carloman
Carly Casm Cassyon Cavell Cethegus
Ceufroy Chadlan Chalmar Chalmer Chalmers
Chapman Charibert Charles Cheldric Chelsea
Childebert Childeric Chilperic Chlodmer Chlodowig
Chlotar Chrodegang Clay Claybourne Clayhorn
Clayton Clifford Clinton Clive Clodomir
Clotaire Clothair Clover Clovis Cniva
Cnivida Colbert Colias Conrad Corbinian
Cordell Cort Crocus Crosby Culbert
Cunigast Cunimund Cuthbert Cyr Cyricus
Cyrila Dado Dagmar Dagobert Dale
Dalfin Dalton Damon Damon Damon
Dannel Darlene Darrick Darrick Dawn
Dedric Dedrick Dedrik Delwin Delwyn
Derek Derwin Derwyn Desmond Desmond
Detlef Dick Dick Dickson Dierck
Dietbold Dieter Diethelm Dietmar Dietrich
Dietz Dirk Dixon Dodo Dolph
Dreux Drew Drogo Dubius Duda
Dudon Durwin Dustin Dwight Eamon
Eamon Earl Ebbo Ebermud Eberwolf
Ebrimud Ebroin Ebrulf Eckbert Eckhard
Eda Edgar Edica Edith Edlyn
Edric Edrigu Edwin Edwina Egan
Egbert Egon Einhard Einri Elbert
Elde Elden Eldon Eldora Eldred
Eldridge Eldwin Elemer Elga Elgar
Elke Ella Ellard Ellary Ellery
Elma Elmar Elmer Elmo Eloise
Elric Elsa Elsie Elva Elwin
Emeric Emery Emil Emile Emilia
Emilian Emilie Emily Emlyn Emma
Emme Emmeran Emmerich Emmett Emmo
Emory Emric Emrik Engel Engilbert
Enrica Enrico Enrique Enurchus Enzo
Eraric Erchinoald Erica Erika Eriulf
Erma Ermanaric Ermanno Ermelandus Ermengard


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