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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Adrian Adriana Adriana Adriana Adriana
Adrien Agnes Ajandi Alain Alan
Albert Alberto Albin Aldo Alessandro
Alex Alexander Alexandra Alexandra Alexandre
Alexis Alexis Alfonso Alfred Aline
Alix Alois Alvarez Ambra Amiel
Amrei Anahra Andre Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andrea Andrea Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andreas Andy Angela Angela
Angela Anita Anita Anna Anna
Anna Anne Anne Anne Anne-Elise
Annick Annie Annina Anselm Anthony
Antoine Antoinette Antoinette Antonio Antonio
Ariane Arlette Armando Armin Arnaud
Arnold Astrid Astrid Augustin Axel
Babelay Babetta Baptiste Barbara Barbara
Bart Beat Beat Beatrice Beatrice
Beiler Ben Benoit Bernadette Bernadette
Bernard Berthe Berthold Bertrand Besse
Betty Blaise Bolla Borghi Boris
Brand Brige Brighitta Brigitte Bruce
Bruno Bruno Bruppacher Burkhart Carl
Carlo Carlos Carole Caroline Caroline
Catherine Catherine Cecile Cedric Celine
Celine Celine Chantal Chantal Chantal
Charles Charly Chris Christen Christian
Christiane Christina Christina Christina Christine
Christophe Claire Clarisse Claude Claudia
Claudia Claudine Claudine Claudio Clement
Colette Colette Conrad Conti Corine
Corinne Cristina Cristina Cyril Cyrilla
Damien Dan Dania Daniel Daniel
Daniela Daniela Daniele Danielle Danielle
Danielle Danielle Dave David Denis
Denise Denise Didier Diego Dietrich
Dimitri Dino Dirk Dominic Dominik
Dominique Dominique Dominique Don Don
Don Donald Donata Donato Doris
Doris Douglas Dreher Duniela Duong
Eddy Edelrose Edgar Edith Edith
Eduard Eduardo Eilonwy Eilonwy Elena
Eliane Elisabeth Elvin Emerita Emery
Emmanuel Enrique Eric Erik Erika
Erika Erma Erminia Ernst Erwin
Esther Esther Etienne Eugene Eva
Eva Evelyne Fabia Fabian Fabiana
Fabien Fabienne Fabio Fabiola Fabiola
Fabrice Fankys Farid Federico Felix
Fernand Fernando Fischer Flavia Flavio
Fleana Florence Florent Florian Florina
Fragile Francesco Francine Francis Francisco
Franco Francois Francoise Frank Fred
Frederic Frederique Fritz Gabriel Gabriele
Gaby Gael Gaston Geiger Geneva
Genevieve Geoff Georges Georgette Gerald
Gerard Ghislaine Ghislaine Gianni Gilbert
Gilberto Gilles Giona Giorgio Giovanni
Gisele Giuseppe Graf Graham Grand
Greg Gregory Guido Guillaume Guy
Hanneli Hannes Hanni Hans Harald
Hassan Heidi Heidi Heinrich Heinz
Helene Helga Henri Henrik Henry
Herbert Herman Hingis Huber Huber
Hugo Ian Imago Imelda Ingrid
Ingrid Irene Irene Irma Irma
Isa Isa Isabelle Ivan Jack
Jacky Jacky Jacqueline Jacqueline Jacques
James Jan Jan Janine Janine
Jean Jean Jeanine Jeanneret Jerome
Jessica Jessica Jim Joachim Joao
Jocelyne Jocelyne Joe Joe Joel
Joel Joel Joelle Joelle Joerg
John Jon Jonathan Jordan Jordan
Jordi Jose Josef Joseph Josette
Josiane Josiane Juan Juan Julien
Julio Julius Kaelin Kaelin Karim
Karin Karine Karine Karl Katia
Katia Katja Keith Keller Ken
Kevin Kimjorda Klaus Koller Kristin
Kristin Kurt Ladina Lai-Nam Lambert
Lara Lara Lara Lars Laura
Laura Laure Laurence Laurent Lehmann
Lenou Leo Leonard Lettraplus Liana
Liliane Liliane Linus Lisia Lorella
Louis Luc Luca Lucas Luciano
Lucien Luis Lukas Lydia Lydia
Mac Madeleine Mader Magali Manuel
Manuela Manuela Marc Marcel Marcel
Marco Marcus Margaret Maria Maria
Maria Maria Marianne Marianne Marianne
Marie Marie Marielle Marigna Marilena
Mario Marius Mark Markus Marlies
Marlies Marlo Marti Martin Martine
Martine Martyn Mary Mary Maryalaine
Maryse Massimo Mathieu Matt Matthew
Maurice Max Maxime Mazza Melania
Melania Melanie Melanie Melanie Menica
Merle Meyer Michael Michael Michaela
Michel Michel Michele Michele Michele
Michelle Michelle Michelle Michelle Miguel


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