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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aasen Abby Abel Abela Abjorn
Abraham Abrahamsen Abrahamus Absalon Actus
Ada Adalsteinn Adam Adela Adele
Adelheid Adina Adkit Adolf Adolph
Adolphus Adrian Adrian Adriana Adrianus
Adrianus Aemilius Aernbiorn Agata Agaton
Agaton Agnar Agnarf Agne Agnes
Ahl Aimee Aina Ake Ake
Alba Alberik Albert Alberta Albin
Albinus Albrekt Alesant Aletta Alex
Alexander Alexander Alexandra Alexis Alexius
Alf Alfa Alfons Alfonso Alfred
Alfrid Algot Algot Ali Ali
Alice Alicia Alida Alina Allan
Alle Aller Allert Allerum Ally
Alma Alrik Alva Alvar Alvaster
Alve Am Amadeus Amalia Amanda
Amandus Ambjorn Ambrosius Ame Amelia
Amelie Amold Amund Amy Ananias
Andenon Anderegg Anders Andersen Andor
Andre Andre Andre Andrea Andreas
Andreas Andren Andresen Andrew Andrew
Ane Aner Anfinn Angela Angelika
Angelina Angstrom Anian Anianus Anifas
Anika Anita Anja Ann Anna
Anne Annelie Annie Annika Anselm
Ansgar Antall Antoinette Anton Anton
Antonetta Antonia Antonius Antonius Anund
Arad Archaon Arent Argun Arild
Arkel Armando Arna Arnbiorn Arnbjorn
Arne Arnfast Arnfin Arnfinn Arnkel
Arnkettil Arnold Aron Aron Artur
Arvast Arvelius Arvid Asa Asa
Asbjorn Ase Asgard Asgard Asger
Asgerd Asgot Aslak Asle Aslev
Asmund Assar Assar Assar Assvid
Asta Asther Astor Astrad Astrid
Asvid Atle Atte Aud August
Augusta Augustin Augustinus Augustus Augustus
Aurora Axel Axelina Axelina Aydrion
Aynjywt Ayseia Bahl Bakke Balder
Baldurn Baltasar Baltsar Barbara Barbro
Bard Barde Bardh Bardo Baret
Bartel Barthold Bartholdus Bartold Bashe
Basmus Bastian Batel Beat Beatrice
Beck Beda Bekk Belinda Bella
Benal Benedictus Benedikt Bengt Benjamin
Benjamin Benny Bente Beret Bereta
Berg Berg Berge Berge Berggren
Bergman Bergren Bergron Bergstrom Beriel
Berit Bernhard Bernt Bero Bert
Berta Bertel Berthold Berthold Bertil
Bertram Betti Betty Betzy Bibi
Bielke Bigge Bill Billy Birgel
Birger Birgit Birre Bjarne Bjorg
Bjorn Bjorne Blanting Blasius Blix
Bo Bob Bodel Bodil Bodil
Boe Boje Boke Bolla Boman
Bonde Bord Borg Borg Borgar
Borge Borghild Boril Boris Borje
Borker Bosse Bosse Bostrom Botel
Botolf Botvid Brage Branch Brandin
Brasse Brigitta Brit Brite Britt
Brodde Broder Brolle Bromme Bror
Brun Bruno Bruun Bryngel Brynjulf
Brynolf Brynte Burgheri Burr Caesar
Calle Camilla Carina Carl Carl-Johan
Carola Caroline Carolus Carun Cassandra
Cathrine Cauma Cecilia Celius Charles
Charlotta Charlotte Chelsey Christel Christer
Christian Christina Claes Clarence Clary
Clas Conny Constance Cornelia Cristina
Dag Daga Dager Dagmar Dagny
Dahl Dahl Dahlin Dalli Damme
Dammo Dan Daniel Daniella Danne
David David Davida Davin Davyse
Deborah Denis Dennis Desiree Detlof
Diana Dick Dick Dicken Didrik
Dignum Dina Dinah Dine Dionysius
Djur Dojn Dolph Domilon Dominikus
Donald Dora Doris Douglas Durusu
Dyveke Ebba Ebbe Ebbe Eberhard
Eckard Eddie Eddy Edfast Edgar
Edit Edla Edlund Edmund Edmund
Edvard Edvin Eemil Efraim Eggert
Egidius Egil Egon Egron Eida
Eide Eila Eilif Einar Eira
Eirik Eivind Ejlert Ejrik Ejvind
Ek Ekholm Elaine Elef Eleonora
Elf Eli Elias Elieser Elif
Elin Elis Elisabet Elisabeth Elise
Ella Ellebrat Ellen Ellena Elling
Elly Elma Elmer Elof Elon
Elon Elov Elsa Else Elver
Elvi Elving Elvira Elvy Emanuel
Embjorn Embrikt Emil Emilia Emilie
Emma Emmy Emst Enar Enevald
Engel Engelbert Engelbrekt Engle Enok
Erasmus Erengisle Erhard Eric Eric
Ericus Erik Erik Erika Eriksen


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