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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Abraham Aceiona Adam Adela Adrian
Adriana Adriana Adriana Adriana Agata
Agnesa Ailona Alan Alana Albert
Albin Albina Alena Alena Alenka
Ales Alex Alexander Alexandra Alexandra
Alfred Alica Alojzia Alojzija Alzbeta
Amalia Amalia Amalija Ambroz Ameljia
Ana Ana Ana Anabela Anastazia
Ancka Andrea Andrea Andrea Andrea
Andreas Andreja Andrejka Andrew Anezka
Angela Angela Angela Angelca Angelika
Anica Anja Anja Anna Anna
Anna Anthony Antonia Antonia Antonia
Antonija Antonio Antonio Antonius Anuska
Apolonija Arnold Augustin Aurel Aurelia
Avrelija Aynno Babyak Bara Baraga
Barbara Barbara Barbora Barica Barka
Basa Basa Beata Bejba Benjamin
Bernard Bernarda Berta Bertha Bertha
Bibiana Birsa Biskup Blanka Blazena
Bohdana Bohumila Bohuslava Bojana Bojana
Bojanca Boris Bozena Bozidara Branislava
Brigita Bronislava Bruno Bruno Caroline
Caroline Carolyn Cecelia Cecelia Cecilija
Cene Charles Christina Christina Christina
Chrystie Cicek Cilka Clement Cyprian
Cyril Dagmara Dana Dana Dana
Dana Dana Dana Danica Danica
Daniel Daniel Daniela Daniela Darina
Darinka Darinka Darja Dasa David
Demeter Denis Denisa Diana Diana
Diana Diana Diana Dobromila Dobroslava
Dominik Dominika Dominika Dorota Doroteja
Draga Dragica Drahomira Drahoslava Drejci
Dunja Dunja Dunja Dunja Dusan
Dusana Dusca Dusca Edi Edita
Edmund Eduard Ela Elena Eleonora
Elias Eliska Elizabeta Elvira Ema
Emanuel Emil Emilia Emilia Emilija
Enis Erik Erika Erika Ernest
Ervin Estera Etela Eugen Eugenia
Eva Eva Felix Filip Filomena
Filomena Florian Franc Franca France
Frances Frances Frances Francesca Franci
Franci Francisca Franciska Francka Frank
Frantisek Frantiska Fred Frederik Frederika
Fusca Gabriel Gabriela Galina Gejza
Genovefa George Gertruda Giorgio Gizela
Gojka Graciela Graciela Gregorja Guianeya
Guiditta Gustav Gvendolina Hana Hana
Hedviga Helena Henrieta Henrik Hermina
Hermina Hilda Hilda Hortenzia Hugo
Ida Ignatz Ilja Ingrida Irena
Irma Irma Ivan Ivana Ivana
Ivanka Ivanna Iveta Ivica Ivo
Ivona Izabela Izidor Jacob Jaka
Jakob James Jan Jan Jana
Jana Jana Janja Janka Jansa
Jarmila Jaroslav Jaroslava Jas Jasa
Jasna Jasna Jassna Jedert Jela
Jelka Jennska Jera Jerca Jerneja
Jesenice Joe Joe Johan Johana
Johann Johann Johannes John Jolana
Jolanda Jolanda Joseph Josephine Joza
Joze Jozefa Jozefina Jozica Judita
Julia Juliana Julija Julijana Julius
Julka Jure Justina Justina Kalynnza
Kamil Kamila Karel Karla Karmen
Karmen Karol Karolina Katarina Katarina
Kati Katica Katja Katka Kazimir
Kermit Klara Klaudia Klavdija Komenda
Konstantin Koren Koren Kornelia Kovacs
Kraka Kristian Kristina Kristina Krizan
Kron Ksenija Kvetoslava Ladislava Laura
Laura Lavra Lawrence Lea Lea
Lejlani Lenca Lenka Leonard Lesana
Lesia Liana Libusa Lidia Lidija
Linda Linda Linesa Lira-Ain Livia
Liza Ljubica Ljudmila Lokien Louis
Lubica Lubomira Luboslava Lucia Lucija
Lucija Ludmila Ludvika Lujza Luka
Lukas Magdalena Magdalena Magdalena Maja
Maja Majda Malvina Manca Mara
Mara Mara Marcel Marcel Marcela
Marek Margareta Margita Mari Mari
Mari Maria Maria Maria Maria
Marian Marian Marian Marianna Marianna
Marica Marij Marija Marija Marijana
Marijana Marijanca Marijetica Marina Marina
Marina Marinka Marjan Marjan Marjana
Marjeta Marjetka Marko Marta Marta
Martin Martina Marusa Mateja Mateja
Matija Matija Matilda Matthew Maximilian
Maytta Mayttha Melania Melania Melita
Meta Meta Metka Metod Michaela
Michal Michal Mici Micka Mickna
Miha Mihaela Mija Mija Mika
Mila Milada Milan Milena Milica
Milica Milka Milos Miloslava Milota
Mimi Mimi Minca Mineja Minka


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