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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aaden Abaigeal Abhlach Abigail Abigail
Achall Ada Adair Adair Adaira
Adairia Adam Aeschine Affrica Africa
Afrika Agata Agatah Agatha Aggie
Agnees Agnes Agnew Ahakera Ahern
Ahkna Ahkra Ahktock Ahlis Ahmileena
Ahmokan Aibhlin Aibhne Aidan Aidan
Aideen Aiden Aiden Aifric Aigidh
Aigneas Aigneis Aila Ailbhe Ailbhe
Ailean Aileana Aileas Aileen Aileen
Aileen Aileene Ailein Ailen Ailen
Ailene Aili Aili Aili Aili
Ailie Ailill Ailin Ailin Ailis
Ailleann Ailsa Aimil Aimili Aimiliona
Aindrea Aine Aingeal Aingealag Ainnir
Ainsleah Ainsley Ainsley Ainslie Aiobheann
Airleas Airna Aisleen Aislin Aisling
Aislinn Aithbreac Akil Akira Alai
Alan Alan Alana Alane Alanna
Alanna Alanora Alastair Alastrina Alastriona
Alban Albert Alec Alec Aleck
Alene Alesone Alexander Alexandra Alexandra
Alexina Alexine Alexis Alexis Alice
Alice Alicia Alicia Alickina Aliliana
Alina Alina Alisdair Alison Alissa
Alistair Alistaire Allannah Allasan Allen
Allister Allyn Almary Almha Aloysius
Alpina Alroy Alva Alva Alwine
Aly Alyce Alycie Alyssa Alyssa
Amabel Ambrose Amelia Amer Amery
Amhuinn Amie Amy Amy Amy
Anabal Anabella Anabelle Anapul Anawbla
Anderson Andra Andrea Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andreana Andrew Andrina Aneer
Angel Angel Angela Angela Angela
Angus Angus Anice Anla Anna
Anna Anna Annabel Annabel Annabell
Annabell Annabella Annag Anna-Lynn Anndra
Anne Anne Anne Annie Ann-Mairi
Annot Anny Anthony Anya Anya
Anya Aodhan Aoibheann Aoibhinn Aoife
Apirka April April Arabella Arabella
Archibald Archie Archy Ardal Ardanna
Argyle Arlen Arlene Arlina Arline
Arline Armstrong Armstrong Arnold Arran
Art Arthur Artis Arzetta Ashlin
Ashling Asholee Atan Athdara Athol
Athole Athracht Audrey Audrey Audy
Aurnia Austin Avelina Aveline Avinnae
Avlock Avna Avril Ay Ayla
Ayrin Ayrus Babag Babaidh Bac
Baillgheal Baillie Bain Bairbre Baird
Baird Bairre Bairrionn Banba Banbha
Bandrum Bane Banner Bannerman Banquo
Banva Banya Barabal Barabell Barbara
Barbara Barclay Barclay Barin Barnaby
Barney Barock Barra Barrie Barry
Bartley Bathag Bathia Baydan Beak
Bean Bearach Bearnas Bearrach Beasag
Beathag Beathas Beatie Beatrice Beatrice
Beatrix Beattie Beatty Beaty Bebhaill
Bebhinn Becky Beelal Bege Begley
Beibhinn Beigis Beileag Beitidh Beitiris
Beitris Bel Bell Bella Bellag
Belle Ben Benedict Benjamin Bennie
Bernard Bernice Bernice Berryman Bertie
Besse Besseta Bessie Bessie Beth
Beth Betha Bethag Bethaire Bethia
Bethoc Bethya Betty Beval Bevan
Bevan Bevin Bhictoria Bin Binn
Blain Blaine Blaine Blair Blair
Blaire Blake Blan Blanche Blane
Blaney Blawnit Blayne Blinna Blinne
Bonni Bonnibelle Bonnie Bonnie-Jo Bonny
Bonny-Jean Boonan Borgach Bowie Boyd
Boyd Boyne Boyne Bradana Braden
Brady Bran Brann Brazil Breandan
Breannan Breeya Brenda Brendan Brendon
Brenna Brenna Brennon Bretton Brian
Brian Brian Briana Briana Briana
Briana Briana Brianag Brianan Brianna
Brianna Brianna Brianna Brice Brid
Bridget Brighde Brighid Brigid Briianna
Brillana Brinnel Broc Broden Broderick
Brodie Brodie Brody Bronte Bronte
Bruce Bruce Bryce Brycen Bryson
Buanann Buanann Buchanan Buchanan Burke
Burns Burunild Busby Cadell Cadha
Caera Caihden Cailan Cailea Cailean
Cailin Cailin Cailin Cailin Cailleach
Caillen Caillic Cainnech Cainnech Cainnleach
Cairbre Caireann Cairns Cairrean Cait
Caitir Caitlin Caitrin Caitrina Caitriona
Caitrionag Calaminag Calan Calder Caldona
Caley Caley Calhoun Callaghan Callum
Calum Calum Calumina Cam Camden
Camdin Camdyn Cameron Cameron Cameron
Camp Campbell Campbell Camron Canice
Canne Canne Canny Cano Caoilainn
Caoimhe Caoimhin Caointiarn Caointiorn Cara


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