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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Adessi Adrian Aegidius Aesthet Agatha
Agnes Alban Albin Aleksy Alexander
Alexis Alexis Alexius Alisium Ambrose
Ambrosia Ambrosius Amor Anastasius Andrea
Andrea Andrea Andrea Andreas Andrew
Andries Angerona Anis Anselm Anthony
Antoni Antonius Aphrodite Artchie Artemi
Artemis Arthur Arvie Ashena Athanasius
Athena Atnana August Augustus Aurelia
Aurora Aurora Avallonia Bacchus Baptiste
Barita Barita Barthelemy Basil Bellona
Benedict Blaise Bodicca Bodicca Boniface
Braseus Bresaeus Byron Caesar Calabah
Calexandra Callisto Calpurnia Camilla Cantaloupe
Cappi Casmilla Castor Catula Cecil
Cecilia Celia Cerce Ceres Chalie
Charles Charmaine Charmaine Charmaine Chester
Chik Christian Christina Christina Christina
Cicero Claudius Clement Cloacina Cluacina
Corin Corinna Cornelius Cosmo Crispin
Crizia Cunoarda Cunovinda Cupid Cvinda
Cybele Cyprian Cyryl Daisyrene Dalfrosa
Damian Darklis David Dawn Dawn
Demetrius Denis Dennis Derrick Dhelma
Diana Diana Diana Diana Diana
Diane Dianne Dianne Dionysios Dis
Disciplina Dominic Dominik Donat Donatra
Dorota Eldred Eliane Emil Emile
Emily Emily Emmanaia Endymion Ernst
Ethelenda Eumachia Eustace Everilda Fabian
Fauna Felicjan Felix Fhlorian Flavia
Flora Flora Florence Florence Florian
Florian Flouis Fortuna Francis Frechie
Gaius Gallico Gallus Gegee George
Glivin Gracejoy Gregory Halatia Harriet
Haydrion Hercules Horace Huctia Hyacinthus
Ignatius Ileana Ilexala Isidore Jade
Jade Jade Jaime Jaime Jaime
Jamhela Janus Jean Jean Jehan
Jenica Jenica Jerome Jerzy Joannes
Johan Johannes John Joseph Jove
Juan Juan Julian Julius Junamae
June June Juno Jura Just
Justin Justus Justyn Juterna Juturna
Juventas Katarina Katarina Katherine Katherine
Katiania Katre Katrina Katrina Kester
Khycylyn Kizzy Kosma Kozma Krystian
Krystyn Laia Latona Laurence Laurentius
Laverne Laverne Laverne Lavina Lavina
Lel Lelia Levender Levidia Liseane
Locusta Lollia Lorenz Lucifer Lucina
Lucinda Lucius Lucretia Luna Lydia
Lydia Maia Maia Mairenni Marc
Marcellus Marcin Marcus Maria Maria
Maria Maria Marian Marian Marian
Mariano Marianus Mariazayra Marica Marieta
Marina Marina Marina Mario Marius
Mark Marry-Joy Mars Martin Martino
Martyn Mateias Maurice Maxim Maxime
Maximilian May May Maya Maya
Maya Mczkafwayv Melanie Melanie Melanie
Mercury Messiena Mezzadril Michael Michael
Michele Michele Michele Michell Miguel
Milbrer Minerva Mormo Mormolyce Morpheus
Neptune Nerisza Nicholas Nicolaus Nigel
Norma Norma Octavia Ops Orcus
Oti Otto Pales Paris Paris
Paris Paris Paris Parys Parzysz
Paulo Peneli Percy Peregrine Philip
Philippe Pierre Pietas Pilumnus Pluto
Polly Pomona Portia Prisca Proserpina
Psyche Remus Rhea Rhea Rizalee
Roman Roman-M Rudolf Saikal Sangaritis
Saturn Saturn Sebastian Selene Senella
September Serafin Seraphine Serena Sergio
Severin Sewer Shelley Sindel Stephen
Sylvanus Sylvester Talaitha Tamas Tancorix
Tancorix Taras Tatiana Tatiana Tatiana
Tellus Tem Teodor Terence Terra
Terra Theodore Theophilus Theresa Thomas
Tincuta Titus Tomas Trafina Trophimos
Truffeni Ulpicina Urban Valentine Valerian
Valerie Valerie Velia Venus Verctissa
Verica Vesta Victor Victoria Vincent
Virgil Virginia Vorena Vulcan Wilhelm
Xerres Zenon Ziannah


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