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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aaron Aaron Abaume Abbe Abby
Abdere Abdias Abdon Abel Abel
Abelard Abelda Abias Abigail Abner
Abondeus Abondius Abraham Absalon Absolon
Accaseus Acceus Achelas Achilas Achillas
Achille Acibiale Ada Adahir Adalbert
Adalberte Adalmo Adam Adama Adari
Adarie Adda Adeas Adee Adel
Adel Adela Adelain Adelan Adelard
Adelbert Adele Adelfred Adelin Adeline
Adeliphas Adeliphat Adeliphus Adelix Adelmard
Adelme Adelor Adelpha Adelphas Adelphe
Adelphis Adelphus Adelstan Adem Ademar
Ademard Ademe Adeodat Aderic Adervil
Adgemir Adgenard Adgenor Adgerie Adhemar
Adhemard Adias Adila Adilard Adime
Adina Adine Adjenard Adjeno Adjonor
Adjutard Adjuteur Adjutor Admanzor Admerice
Admire Adna Adolbert Adolpha Adolphas
Adolphe Adolphis Adolphus Adona Adonai
Adonai Adonais Adonel Adonia Adonias
Adonis Adonise Adonius Adorat Adore
Adori Adorias Adorie Adorio Adoris
Adorius Adory Adria Adrian Adriana
Adriane Adrianna Adrianne Adrianus Adrianus
Adrias Adrien Adrienne Adrisse Adrius
Aduram Aegedius Aegidias Aegidius Aegidus
Agapet Agapit Agapite Agapius Agelas
Agenard Agenas Agenir Agenor Ageric
Agge Aggee Agilas Agile Aglare
Aglibert Agnes Agnus Agreus Aguilas
Aguillon Ahmad Ahmed Aicha Aida
Aidan Aime Aimeas Aimee Aimeric
Aimerio Aimeus Aisha Aladin Alain
Alaire Alan Alaric Alarie Alba
Alban Albani Albanie Albany Albay
Albe Albea Albea Albeas Albee
Albeni Albenie Alberec Alberi Alberic
Alberie Alberio Alberni Alberny Albert
Alberta Albertier Albertin Albertine Albertino
Albertus Albias Albin Albina Albini
Albion Albon Albondius Alcanthe Alce
Alcedas Alcedias Alcedor Alcedore Alcee
Alceme Alceste Alcias Alcibiade Alcibialde
Alcibien Alcidas Alcide Alcidias Alcime
Alcyme Alda Aldama Aldama Aldamas
Aldana Aldari Aldaric Aldas Aldase
Alde Aldeas Aldebert Aldee Aldege
Aldei Aldeis Aldelphe Aldem Aldemar
Aldeme Aldemir Aldenard Aldenat Aldenie
Aldenis Aldeo Alderic Alderice Alderique
Aldeus Aldie Aldine Aldis Aldo
Aldoma Aldomas Aldon Aldor Aldorat
Aldore Aldori Aldoria Aldoric Aldorice
Aldorice Aldorique Aldoris Aldoris Aldric
Alec Aleda Alek Alembert Alena
Alessandra Alessandro Alessia Alesta Alestin
Alex Alex Alexa Alexander Alexandra
Alexandre Alexandre Alexandre Alexandre Alexandria
Alexane Alexe Alexi Alexia Alexie
Alexior Alexis Alexius Alexy Alferi
Alferie Alfreda Alfredas Alfredise Alfride
Alfter Alga Algenor Alger Algeria
Algerie Algerie Algibert Algirdas Algis
Ali Ali Alia Alibe Alibert
Alice Alicia Alicien Alick Alida
Alidas Alide Alidias Alidor Alidore
Alina Alinda Alisa Alison Alisson
Alix Alixe Allan Allen Allison
Ally Allyson Alma Alma Almaire
Almanzar Almanzare Almanzor Almas Almeida
Almen Almer Almeric Almerique Almidas
Almidias Almonrade Almonzar Almonzo Almonzor
Alodia Alodor Alodore Alonzo Aloysia
Aloysias Aloysiau Aloysius Alozier Alpha
Alphador Alphadore Alphe Alpheas Alpheda
Alpheda Alphedard Alphedas Alphedias Alphedor
Alphedore Alphee Alphege Alphena Alphena
Alphenas Alpheri Alpherie Alphery Alphese
Alphetus Alpheus Alphida Alphida Alphidas
Alphide Alphide Alphidias Alphidius Alphidor
Alphidore Alphidus Alphir Alphire Alphius
Alphocus Alphondor Alphondore Alphorin Alphredor
Alphredore Alphus Alphyr Alphyre Alpide
Alrick Alsedor Alsime Althea Alva
Alva Alvain Alvani Alvany Alvaraise
Alvares Alvarez Alveni Alveny Alvia
Alvic Alvidas Alvin Alvina Alvine
Alvio Alvon Alydor Alydore Alyre
Alyson Alyssa Alysson Alze Alzear
Alzeard Alzee Alzeor Alzidas Alzior
Alzire Amabilis Amabilis Amable Amable
Amadas Amador Amala Amalia Amalie
Aman Amance Amand Amanda Amandarius
Amandus Amant Amantius Amarante Amasias
Amat Amateur Amaubert Amaury Amber
Ambroise Ambrose Amede Amedee Amederic
Amedie Amelia Amelie Amely Amias
Amida Amilda Amilda Amildas Amilia
Amina Amiot Amos Amy Ana


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