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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Abel Adin Adin Afroam Agata
Agna Agnes Agnethe Agot Ainna
Airickah Ake Alf Alfhild Alfred
Algot Aline Alvhild Alvide Amundson
Anbritt Anders Andersen Andras Andreas
Andresen Andrine Ane Anette Angelica
Anna Anna Anna Anna-Maria Anne
Anne Anne Ann-Elin Anne-Lise Anne-Mette
Annfrid Anniken Annikken Anni-Rauna Annlaug
Antje Arne Arne Arnhild Aron
Arup Arvid Asa Asa Astor
Astrid Astrid Astrithr Atle Aud
Audny Audun Audun Aunnaley Awesome
Bakke Beate Bente Berg Bergitta
Bergitte Bergliot Berit Berta Berte
Biem Birget Birgitte Birthelin Bjorg
Bjorn Blix Bo Bo Bodil
Borge Borghild Borghild Borgny Brand
Brat Brenda Brenden Brit Brynn
Bunkiin Camilla Canute Caritha Carr
Carson Caservana Cecilia Chazelle Christian
Constanse Cornford Dag Dagmar Dagmar
Dagny Dahn Dale Dale Dana
Dana Dana Darby Darby Delfin
Deyla Digby Disa Donirae Dordei
Doret Dorhamer Dorte Dortea Dustin
Eighlin Eilif Einar Eiril Elen
Elin Elin Elisa Elisabet Elisabeth
Elise Ellen Ellen Elsa Elsa
Else Elsebritt Elv Elvis Emma
Emma Engelena Engelene Eric Erica
Erik Erika Erika Erling Escha
Esla Espen Everett Evjen Evybeate
Finn Flo Floerke Freya Frille
Fritjof Froydis Gaia-Lucia Gamble Garth
Georg Gerd Gerd Ghita Gierine
Gislaug Gjertrud Gorun Grete Grethe
Gro Gudegave Gudrun Gunderson Gunn
Gunnhild Gunther Gunvor Gurine Guro
Hakan Haldis Hale Haley Haley
Hallvor Hammer Hammond Hanke Hanna
Hanna Hanne Hans Harald Harold
Haugen Hedda Hedda Hedvig Heid
Heidirosa Heike Helene Helga Helge
Helge Helisade Helmer Henning Henrik
Hilda Hilda Hilde Hjordis Hoan
Holger Horn Hulda Idar Imilie
Inga Inge Inge Inge Inge
Ingeborg Inger Ingrid Ingrid Irmild
Istra Ivar Jakob Jan Jan
Jenny Jenny Jens Jensen Jensina
Jensine Jevne Jillius Jisara Joakim
Johan Johanna Johanna Johanne Johannes
Johansen John Johnine Johnsen Jomar
Jon Jorun Josef Josefina Josefina
Josefine Josehaidee Juliane Julius Julle
Jusdina Kaia Kaisa Kaisa Kaisa
Kallevig Kaoss Kara Kara Kara
Kare Karen Karen Karen Kari
Kari Kari Kari Kari Kari
Karl Karlan Karolina Karoline Kathi
Katrine Kayla-Roos Keity Kelby Kelly
Kelly Kelsey Kelsey Kelsey Kelsey
Kesstan Keyti Kiersten Kinsey Kirby
Kirensa Kirk Kirsten Kirsti Kjell
Kjetil Kosmo Koss Kristen Kristen
Kristian Kristianna Kristianna Kristianne Kristianne
Kristina Kristina Kristine Kryst Kvalen
Kylah-Eide Laila Lajla Lamont Landa
Lars Larsen Laurin Leif Lene
Lid Liefje Lier Lill-Beate Lille-Be
Lillian Lind Linde Linnea Lisa-Rei
Lisbet Lisbeth Lisbeth Liv Liv
Liv-Norunn Lovise Lund Lyen Lyncca
Mackenzie Maddy Mads Maeya Magdalena
Magdalena Magdalena Magda-Lill Malena Malene
Manders Maren Margaret Margareth Margareth
Margit Margrete Maria Maria Maria
Maria Mariann Mariann Marianne Marianne
Marianne Marie Marie Marijaneke Mari-Laura
Marincess Marit Marken Markus Marta
Marta Marte Marteline Martin Martine
Martine Martinus Mary Mary Masynn
Mathea Matilda Matilde May-Britt Mayn
Meling Merete Mette Meyer Mia
Mia Mikkel Mina Mina Mina
Mo Moen Mona Monaliv Mons
Morten Munch Myrus Narum Neajanel
Neleta Niels Nikolina Nikolina Nikoline
Nilvarda Nora Nora Nora Nore
Norman Norun Oda-Kange Odd Odell
Odin Odrun Oeyunn Ofte Oktava
Ola Ola Olava Ole Olina
Oline Oliver Olof Olsen Omer
Oscar Ove Pal Patricia Patricia
Paul Per Pernilla Pernille Peter
Petra Petrine Pudia Puritania Ragnar
Ragnhild Ragni Rakel Randi Randi
Randina Rane Raven Raven Raven
Raven Raven Raven Raynor Rebekka


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