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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aaban Aadab Aadil Aadil Aahilazmat
Aalaa Aamir Aamir Aamir Aapiya
Aaqib Aaqib Aaqil Aaraz Aarif
Aarif Aariz Aaron Aaron Aarshad
Aasim Aathif Aatiq Aazaad Aazir
Abaan Abadiyah Aban Aban Abaza
Abbady Abbas Abbas Abbaz Abbud
Abbud Abbudin Abdalala Abd-Allah Abde
Abdel Abdelhaq Abden Abderahman Abdihakin
Abdimalik Abdul Abdulafuw Abdularham Abdulawwal
Abdul-Azis Abdulbaaqi Abdulbadee Abdulbatin Abdul-Hadi
Abdul-Haqq Abdulkabir Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah
Abdullah Abdullah Abdulmani Abdulmueid Abdulmuti
Abdulnoor Abdulrabb Abdulwaali Abdul-Wasi Abdurraqib
Abdurrauf Abed Abedin Abeer Abel
Abia Abida Abinas Abir Abou
Abra Abrad Abraha Abraham Absi
Abthi Abuashrof Abu-Bakr Abul Abyad
Abzal Abzari Adam Adamier Adamu
Adeela Adel Adel Aderin Adham
Adiesha Adil Adil Adila Adiy
Adl Adnan Adnan Ady-Matiin Aesep
Aezad Afaal Afaf Afdaal Afeef
Afghan-M Afif Afif Afraa Afraaz
Afrouni Afroze Aftab Aga Agharr
Ahadali Ahadit Ahbar Ahd Ahlam
Ahmad Ahmahd Ahmed Ahsan Ahteram
Ahwas Ahzab Aida Aidh Aikhim
Aikim Ain Aisha Aishur Aitesham
Aiyaan Ajahajaha Ajlah Ajmal Akari
Akbar Akhas Akhfash Akhmal Akhtar
Akil Akil Akilah Akkim Aklamash
Akqil Akram Akwal Alaa Aladdin
Aladdin Aladdin Alahudeen Alam Alameino
Alamgir Alamyn Alaziz Aldazier Alfaseeh
Algassim Algeriam Ali Ali Alia
Aliah Alih Alija Alim Alima
Alisha Aliya Aliyy Aliyy Aliyyah
Alizishaan Allaam Allaan Allahrice Almas
Al-Sirhan Altaaf Altair Al-Tariq Alyaas
Al-Zadul Alzeyid Amaan Amaaz Amal
Amala Amani Amath Amber Amdhan
Ameen Ameer Amid Amid Amin
Amina Aminah Amir Amir Amjad
Ammanullah Ammar Ammar Amr Amr
Amran Anaan Anab Anan Anas
Anasah Anbar Anbar Anbar Anbar
Andleeb Aneela Anees Aneesa Anhik
Anila Anis Anjum Anjuman Anveer
Anvir Anwaar Anwaar Anwar Anwar
Aparajita Ara Arab Arab Arabic-M
Arashmid Arbaan Areej Areez Areez`
Arefur Arej Arfan Arfeshad Arfhan
Arif Arif Arifoullah Ariss Arsh
Arshad Arshian Artah Artmary Arven
Arvez Arwa Arwandi Asad Asad
Asadel Asaduddin Asbagh Asbat Ascbfslkkd
Aseed Aseelah Asgar Ashaq Asharaf
Ashaume Ashick Ashidiq Ashraf Ashraj
Ashshu Ashwandi Asif Asif-Amin Asim
Asim Asima Asir Asiya Aslam
Asma Asma' Asmy Asnadi Asoi
Asri Asrizal Asroy Assif Aswad
Asywan Ata Ata Ata Ataa
Ataa Atamustafa Atazaz Ateeqali Athar
Atif Atif Atiya Attahir Aurwah
Avdic Awad Awad Awn Aws
Awwal Ayaad Ayanh Ayasha Ayat
Aybak Ayesha Ayman Ayoob Ayyad
Ayyad Ayyan Ayyash Ayyub Aza
Azairy Azam Azam Azeed Azeem
Azfaar Azhaar Azhar Azhar Azharie
Azim Azimulla Aziz Aziz Aziza
Azizah Azizbek Azizoel Azrael Azrak
Azraqi Azriely Azyan Azza Azzaam
Azzam Azzam Azzfar Baabar Baadi
Baadier Baahi Baahir Baaligh Baaqir
Baare Baari Baarik Baariq Baasim
Baasima Baaz Badder Badee Badiy
Badr Badredinen Badrol Baghawi Baha
Baha Bahaadur Bahamdan Bahaudin Bahhath
Bahir Bahiya Bahiyuddin Bahlawan Baid
Bais Baizam Bajala Bakhtari Bakhtiyor
Bakkar Bakr Balagh Balarabe Baleel
Banan Baqeer Baquar Baraka Barakah
Bari Barika Barkha Barraq Basaam
Basair Basel Bashaar Bashaarat Basheer
Basheera Basheir Bashshar Basil Basim
Bassam Batool Bawanny Bazair Bazam
Bedejim Behrooze Benasr Benazir Beyhat
Bihzad Bilaal Bilal Bishin Bishr
Bodrul Boubker Boujamaa Boulos Bulhut
Bungsu Burayd Burhaan Burhan Bursuq
Butras Butrus Cain Cala Cassiem
Charhiar Cheikhna Dabir Dahab Dalal
Danasabe Danjuma Danladi Danlami Darrain
Darraine David David Dawlah Dawoud
Dawud Deenar Desiyantoh Dhahran Dharr
Dhuha Diaeldin Dilawar Dilbar Dilshad
Dilshod Dishmalain Doka Duqaq Durwesh


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