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Female Mongol First Names / Nicknames / Cybernames

Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Al Al Alagh Alagh Altan
Altan Altantogos Anulan Apriyani Arban
Arban Arghun Arghun Arigh Arigh
Ariunbold Ariunbold Ariunsanaa Arslan Arslan
Arvinsanaa Assface Athiam Ayush Baichu
Baichu Baigal Baigalaa Baigalmaa Batu
Batu Bayan Bayan Bayar Bayar
Bekter Bekter Belgutai Belgutai Berke
Berke Bira Boke Boke Bora
Bora Borchu Borchu Borte Borte
Borteujin Bourtai Bourtai Boyanka Bumbyn
Bumbyn Buqa Buqa Burilgi Burilgi
Chagadai Chagadai Chagan Chagan Chagatai
Chagatai Chaghatai Chaghatai Chamuka Chamuka
Chatagai Chatagai Checheg Checheg Chengelay
Chengelay Cheren Cheren Chimgee Chinua
Chinua Chulunny Chulunny Dalan Dalan
Dampildorg Dampildorg Darilin Darima Dash
Dash Dashmaa Delger Delger Dochin
Dochin Dojoodorj Dojoodorj Dologhon Dologhon
Dorben Dorben Dorj Dorj Duger
Duger Dulam Duzong Edigey Edigey
Eiji Eiji Enebish Enkhee Enkhjargal
Enq Enq Erdene Erdene Erdenesuvd
Gal Gal Gallu Gan Gan
Gantsetseg Gedii Genghis Genghis Gerel
Gerel Ghazan Ghazan Gombo Gombo
Guildar Guildar Gurban Gurban Gutchluk
Gutchluk Guyuk Guyuk Haliun Houlun
Houlun Hulagu Hulagu Inalchuk Inalchuk
Isuke Isuke Iveel Jagun Jagun
Jaran Jaran Jnmedsondt Jochi Jochi
Juchi Juchi Juchin Juchin Jurgaghan
Jurgaghan Kabul Kabul Kassar Kassar
Khaidu Khaidu Khaliun Khidyr Khidyr
Khulan Kipchak Kipchak Kishta Kitbuqa
Kitbuqa Koke Koke Kouang Kouang
Kubilai Kubilai Kuzhuk Kuzhuk Lailama
Lkhamsuren Magnai Magnai Magsa Magsa
Maidar Maidar Mamay Mamay Mangu
Mangu Meitka Merkid Merkid Minghan
Minghan Mofa Mongke Mongke Mongo
Mongo Mongol-F Muhuli Muhuli Mukuli
Mukuli Munlik Munlik Naiman Naiman
Nasan Nasan Nayan Nayan Negan
Negan Nevniz Nevniz Nogay Nogay
Noyon Noyon Nyamsuren Nymadawa Nymadawa
Odma Ogotai Ogotai Orkhon Osol
Osol Otchigin Otchigin Oyugun Oyugun
Oyunkhand Qacha Qacha Qadan Qadan
Qara Qara Qasar Qasar Qorchi
Qorchi Qori Qori Qorin Qorin
Qoyor Qoyor Qulan Qulan Qutlugh
Qutlugh Qutugh Qutugh Sarangerel Saruul
Shria Shria Soelerdene Solongo Ssima
Ssima Sube Sube Subotai Subotai
Suhe Suhe Suolunge Suren Suren
Surengiin Surengiin Surtak Surtak Suvd
Taban Taban Tabin Tabin Taidjut
Taidjut Targoutai Targoutai Tebtengri Tebtengri
Tegus Tegus Temuder Temuder Temuge
Temuge Temujin Temujin Temulun Temulun
Temur Temur Tikhtamysh Tikhtamysh Tilik
Tilik Timirbiga Toghrul Toghrul Togoldor
Togosmaa Tolui Tolui Toquchar Toquchar
Toukta Toukta Tselmuun Tsenguujin Tuli
Tuli Tuluy Tuluy Tumen Tumen
Tuul Tuyana Ukjjcu Ulagan Ulagan
Unegen Unegen Uyanga Vachir Vachir
Yaba Yaba Yanja Yanjin Yanjka
Yanjmaa Yeke Yeke Yeran Yeran
Yesukai Yesukai Yisun Yisun Yisun


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