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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aaron Aaron Abad Abarmo Abarrotz
Abdon Abel Abelardo Aberri Aberto
Abilio Abra Abram Abramo Abran
Abree Abri Abril Abundi Abundio
Accerrito Ace Acerbus Acerito Acey
Achille Achilleo Achuchi Acorri Acquilla
Ada Adalberto Adalgisa Adame Adamo
Adan Adan Adarian Adauto Addie
Addy Ade Ade Adei Adela
Adelio Adelita Adelita Adelmo Aden
Adenawer Adhmar Adimari Adiques Adira
Admon Ado Adolfo Adolpho Adon
Adonia Adorjan Adovardo Adra Adragel
Adrain Adranus Adrea Adree Adreian
Adreyan Adri Adri Adria Adriaan
Adrian Adrian Adriana Adriana Adriane
Adriane Adriann Adriann Adrianna Adrianne
Adrianno Adriano Adrianus Adrianus Adrie
Adrien Adrien Adriene Adriene Adrienne
Adrik Adrina Adrio Adrion Adron
Adry Adryan Adryon Adulfo Adur
Aegidius Affomso Affonso Afomso Afonso
Afonsso Africa Agabito Agapito Agata
Ageio Ager Aghinolfo Aglahir Aglo
Agnellino Agnello Agnes Agnesa Agnesa
Agnola Agnola Agnolino Agnolo Agnoluccio
Agosti Agostinho Agostino Agoston Agoztar
Aguila Aguilar Aguilla Aguillino Agusti
Agustin Agustino Ahriahs Aida Aidanadam
Aide Aide Aidrian Aiert Aigidios
Aimar Aime Aime Aimy Aindrea
Aingeru Ainoa Aintza Aintza Aintzane
Aiolfo Aioro Aique Airas Aire
Aires Aita Aita Aitor Aitzol
Aiuto Ajan Akalee Aketza Alabhaois
Alain Alaine Alair Alaitz Alamanno
Alameda Alano Alanzo Alaon Alar
Alarabi Alarico Alatz Alavese Alayas
Alba Alba Albain Alban Albano
Albany Albean Albein Alben Albenis
Albeno Alberino Alberta Albertano Albertine
Alberto Albi Albie Albin Albina
Albinek Albino Albins Albinson Albion
Albizzino Albizzo Albizzotto Alcadio Alcee
Alcide Alda Aldighieri Aldo Aldobrandi
Aldomiro Aleandro Aleda Aleeda Aleixo
Alejandra Alejandro Alejo Alekso Aleron
Alesander Alesandro Alesio Alessandra Alessandro
Alessia Alessio Alesso Aletea Alethea
Aletta Alex Alex Alexandra Alexandria
Alexandro Alexandrox Alexev Alexildo Alfietto
Alfio Alfons Alfonsa Alfonso Alfreda
Alfredao Alfredo Alice Alicia Alida
Aliecer Alifonso Alimento Alina Aliotto
Alirio Alisa Alita Alize Alkdy
Alla Allaire Allande Allegra Allegro
Allin Allison Allvaro Alma Aloa
Alodia Aloisio Alona Alondra Alonso
Alonza Alonzo Alosio Alostorrea Alots
Aloys Aloysio Aloysius Alphonso Alrigo
Alta Altificio Altobianco Altomanno Altzibar
Aluino Alva Alva Alvar Alvarenga
Alvarez Alvaro Alvelo Alvina Alvino
Alvise Alvito Alvoro Alyce Alyias
Alys Am Ama Amabilis Amable
Amad Amada Amadea Amadea Amadeaus
Amadei Amadeo Amadeus Amadi Amadio
Amadis Amado Amador Amadore Amadou
Amaia Amalia Amalric Amancio Amanda
Amando Amandus Amane Amannito Amara
Amarante Amaretto Amarfis Amaris Amarkis
Amat Amata Amati Amato Amatus
Amaya Ambe Amber Amberlan Ambrogio
Ambroise Ambros Ambrose Ambrosi Ambrosio
Ambrosiony Ambrosius Ambroys Amdre Ame
Ame Amedeo Amee Amelia Amelio
Amentario America Americo Amerigo Amero
Ames Ameth Ametz Amey Ami
Amia Amiable Amias Amic Amideo
Amie Amiet Amil Amilcare Amilia
Amina Amiot Amiot Amira Amis
Amis Amisius Amo Amodaos Amoldo
Amor Amor Amora Amorcito Amoretto
Amparo Amparo Amrrique Amtonio Amtonyo
Amuruza Amy Amyas Ana Anacleto
Anaia Anais Anakoz Anani Anartz
Anastacio Anastagio Anastasia Anastasio Anathony
Anatolio Anaut Anaya Anaya Anbessa
Ancelin Anchel Anda Ande Andee
Ander Andera Andere Andi Andie
Andima Andino Andoitz Andolin Andone
Andoni Andonios Andre Andre Andre
Andre Andre Andre Andrea Andrea
Andreana Andreano Andree Andreo Andreolo
Andreotto Andreozzo Andres Andreuccio Andrew
Andrew Andria Andrin Andrino Andriolo
Andros Andtoni Andy Ane Aner
Anes Aneury Anfernee Anfernee Anferny
Anfous Anfrione Angel Angela Angelerio
Angeles Angelica Angelico Angelina Angelines


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