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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Abantiades Abbonis Absyrtus Abundus Academicus
Acarnanus Acastus Accius Ace Achaean
Achaemenes Achaeus Achates Acheron Acheros
Achilles Achillides Achivus Acis Acrisius
Actaeon Actaeonis Actaeus Actor Actoris
Addison Adela Adeline Adeus Adiran
Adok Adolfo Adolph Adolphus Adra
Adrea Adria Adrian Adrian Adriana
Adriane Adriano Adrianus Adrianus Adrie
Adrielle Adrien Adrienne Adrik Adrina
Adrion Adron Aduro Aeetes Aegaeus
Aegeus Aegidius Aegisthus Aegyptus Aemiliamus
Aemilius Aeneades Aeneas Aeolius Aeolus
Aerith Aeschylus Aesclapius Aeson Aethiops
Aetius Afinus Agata Agathos Agnan
Agnes Agnesa Agoston Agotino Agrippa
Aguistin Agusta Ajax Akobanton Alair
Alanus Alba Alba Alban Alban
Albane Albano Albanus Albany Albedo
Alben Alberic Alberigo Albertus Albin
Albina Albinus Albion Albus Alby
Alcaeus Alddes Aldnous Alecia Alejanro
Alerio Aleron Alessandro Aletta Alexander
Alexandre Alexandre Alexandre Alexandre Alexandria
Alexia Alexiane Alexis Alfred Alia
Alicia Alida Alina Aline Alisha
Alishia Alix Allegra Alloyce Alma
Almeta Almy Aloma Aloni Aloysius
Alpin Alroy Alta Alula Alula
Alva Alva Alvar Alver Alvern
Alysha Amabilis Amadea Amadee Amadeo
Amadeus Amadio Amadis Amadis Amado
Amadus Amaikumxwf Amalia Amalie Amanda
Amandius Amando Amandus Amanevus Amano
Amara Amare Amata Amato Amatus
Ambroise Ambrose Ambrosius Amelia Amelie
Amias Amilia Aming Aminta Amity
Amparo Amphiaraus Amphitryo Amphitryon Amy
Amyas Amynta Amyntas Ana Anacletus
Anacreon Anais Anastase Anastasia Anastasius
Anastay Anatanas Anatolius Anawgoras Anaximenes
Ancelin Anchises Ancile Andagellus Andes
Andie Andone Andoni Andonios Andonis
Andra Andrea Andreana Andreas Andreas
Andrew Andrew Andreya Andria Andrion
Andro Andromeda Andronicus Andruws Angel
Angel Angela Angele Angeli Angelica
Angelina Angeline Angell Angelle Angie
Anguis Anian Anianus Anise Anjali
Anna Annabel Annice Anntoin Ansa
Anse Anta Antal Antanas Antanelis
Antanukas Ante Antenor Anteros Anthony
Antigone Antilochus Antiphates Antlia Antoin
Antoine Antoine Antoinette Antoinius Anton
Anton Antonella Antonetta Antonia Antonie
Antonin Antonina Antonine Antoninus Antonio
Antonio Antonios Antonius Antoniy Antton
Apelles Apollo April Apsis Aquilino
Arabella Arabelle Araceli Arachne Arar
Araris Aratus Arber Arbor Arcas
Archer Archimedes Arcitenens Ardan Ardanian
Ardeen Ardel Ardell Arden Ardene
Ardere Ardin Ardine Ardis Ardmore
Ardra Aream Aredius Ares Argus
Ariadne Ariana Arianne Aries Aries
Arion Arion Arisk Arista Ariun
Arley Arlo Armagilius Armida Arne
Arruns Aruns Arva Arval Arvalis
Ascanius Asclepius Asia Assa Assuerus
Asta Astarte Astastius Astra Astrum
Astynax Atabulus Athamas Athanasius Athena
Atlas Atreus Atrides Attale Attalo
Attalus Attica Attis Aubin Aubyn
Audomarus Auerlio Aufidus Augeas August
Augusta Augustin Augustina Augustine Augustine
Augustus Augusty Auicatus Aulaire Aulis
Aundrea Aura Aurea Aurel Aurelian
Aurelie Aurelien Aurelio Auriel Auriga
Aurigo Aurora Aurore Aurum Austen
Austin Austin Austina Austine Autumn
Avaro Aventinus Averil Avernus Averyl
Avey Avina Avis Aviva Avy
Axenus Azekiel Babette Bacchus Balaza
Balbas Balbinus Balbo Balen Balendin
Baline Balint Ballas Ballio Baran
Barb Barba Barba Barbara Barbe
Barbel Barbera Bard Barivendus Barnaba
Bart Barthomeus Barthomieu Basilius Bea
Beat Beate Beatrice Beatrix Beatriz
Beatus Bee Beinean Beineon Belinda
Bell Bella Belle Belus Bence
Benci Bendik Benedek Benedetto Benedick
Benedict Benedicte Benedicte Benedictus Benedid
Benedikt Benedikte Benedito Benen Benett
Bengt Benignus Benin Benke Bennett
Benoit Bent Bente Bernard Bersoaldus
Bert Bertie Bertoldi Bertram Bertrand
Berty Bettina Beymar Biaggo Bianca
Bina Binean Bingen Binger Bisain
Bittor Blais Blaisdell Blaise Blaize


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