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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aaiyhona Abelizanda Academia Acarnania Accalia
Ace Achaemenes Achilles Acidalia Acis
Acnes Actoris Adallia Adamina Addison
Adela Adele-Kim Adeline Adiali Adiela
Adisney Adora Adorabella Adorabelle Adoree
Adoria Adoura Adra Adrasteia Adrea
Adria Adrian Adrian Adriana Adriana
Adriana Adriana Adriane Adriane Adriano
Adrie Adrielle Adrien Adrienna Adrienne
Adrienne Adrina Adrion Aduelda Aea
Aea Aegaea Aegates Aegeria Aegidius
Aegina Aeginae Aeliana Aemilia Aemilius
Aeolia Aeolian Aeru-Fuega Agata Agatha
Agathe Agathos Agnes Agnesa Agnesca
Agnese Agnoria Agoston Agrafina Agrafine
Agrippa Agrippina Agrippinae Agusta Agustina
Ahrabell Ahyxza Aimie Ajax Akilina
Alaida Alair Alanus Alany Alaura
Alba Alba Alban Alban Albane
Albany Albany Albin Albina Albinia
Albinka Albion Albula Alby Alcamene
Alcimede Alcippe Alcmena Alcumena Alecia
Aleecia Aleesha Aleesha Alera Aleria
Aleshka Alessandro Aleta Aletta Alewndrina
Alexander Alexandre Alexandre Alexandria Alexandria
Alexandria Alexandtea Alexandy Alexia Alexiane
Alexina Alexine Alexis Alexis Alfred
Alia Alia Alia Alia Alicia
Alicia Alida Aliet Alina Alina
Aline Alisha Alisha Alishia Alisia
Alix Allegra Allina Allina Alma
Almarina Almeta Almy Aloma Aloysius
Alroy Alta Althaeia Alula Alula
Aluld Alva Alva Alvar Alver
Alvinia Alvita Alycia Alyna Alysha
Amabel Amabella Amabelle Amabilis Amadea
Amadee Amadina Amadine Amadis Amadis
Amalea Amalia Amalia Amalie Amamda
Amanda Amanda Amandine Amando Amano
Amara Amare Amata Amato Ambel
Amber-Nina Ambroise Ambrose Ambrosius Ambubaia
Amdis Ameila Amele Amelia Amelie
Amelija Amelinda Ameline Amelita Amias
Amikla Amilia Aminta Amity Amnerys
Amoretta Amoretta Amorette Amorette Amorita
Amorvae Amparo Amphitrite Amy Amy
Amy Amyas Amye Amymone Amynta
Amyntas Ana Ana Ana Anabel
Anabelle Anadayur Ana-Fina Ana-Frani Anaheidy
Anahella Anais Anais Anaivis Analicia
Analiese Analisa Analisa Analisa Analise
Analisia Analissa Analissa Anastase Anastasia
Anastasius Anastay Anavil Anawrete Ancelin
Ancyra Andes Andie Andone Andonine
Andra Andranetta Andrea Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andreana Andreanna Andreas Andreas
Andrena Andrew Andreya Andria Andriana
Andrianna Andrianne Andrienne Andrina Andrion
Andromacha Andromache Andromeda Aneurin Anexie
Angel Angel Angel Angel Angela
Angela Angela Angele Angele Angelee
Angelena Angelene Angeli Angelia Angelica
Angelika Angelina Angelina Angeline Angeline
Angelisa Angelita Angeliza Angell Angelle
Angelyn Angelynn Angerona Angie Anilsa
Anima Animus Anise Anissa Anissa
Anjali Anjelika Ankara Anna Anna
Anna Anna-Agnes Annabel Annabel Annabella
Annabelle Annabeth Anna-Diane Annalee Annalee
Annalisa Annalisa Annalise Annalise Annalise
Annalissa Annalissa Annamarie Annamarie Annasosa
Anna-Sosa Annelaith Anneliese Anneliese Annelisa
Annelisa Annelisa Annelise Annelise Annelise
Annetta Annice Annifer Annis Annora
Ann-Turner Annunciata Annys Ansa Anse
Ansette Anta Antandra Ante Anthony
Antigone Antlia Antoine Antoine Antoinetta
Antoinette Antoinette Antoinie Antonella Antonetta
Antonette Antonia Antonia Antonia Antonie
Antonina Antonine Antonio Antonio Antonique
Antonius Apollo Apollonia Apollonis April
April Aprille Apryl Apryll Apulia
Aquiline Aquitania Arabella Arabella Arabelle
Arabelle Arabia Araceli Aracelia Aracelis
Arachne Aracoeli Araris Arasay Arbor
Arcadia Arcanania Archer Archimedes Ardan
Ardea Ardeen Ardel Ardelia Ardelis
Ardell Ardella Ardelle Arden Ardene
Ardere Ardin Ardina Ardine Ardinia
Ardis Ardra Arek Arela Ares
Arethusa Argenta Argentia Argentina Argerei
Argolis Argus Ariadna Ariadne Ariana
Arianna Arianna Arianne Arianne Arianne
Arich Aricia Aride Aries Arion
Arista Aristodeme Arlenes Arley Arlo
Armenia Armeria Armida Armida Armilla
Armina Arne Arne Arriana Arrosa
Arrose Arsenia Arva Arvia Asera
Asia Assa Asta Astarte Astartiel
Asteria Astra Astraea Astrum Astynome


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