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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Ae-Kung Aemee Aeree Aerhe Aesun
Ahn Ahn-Na Ah-Ra Ah-Ruem Aioki
Alexxi An Ann-Ja Annyong Arim
Aromi Arum Avriell Ayoung Bae
Baekyoung Bang Bangsil Beaura Benjarat
Bin-Woo Bitna Bo-Bae Boe-Bae Bo-Geum
Bo-Hyea Bokeum Bokyung Boram Bo-Ram
Cha Chae Chae-Hwa Chaerim Chae-Yeon
Chang Chang-Hee Chan-I Chin Chin
Chin Chinbo Ching-Ying Chinhee Chinok
Chisan Chi-Yun Cho Cho Choe
Choe Choi Choi Chong Chongrae
Cho-Rok Chou Chu Chu-Hong Chun
Chung Chung-Hee Chun-Hyang Chun-Ja Clisteen
Dabina Dae Da-Eun Dahey Dahyun
Dalja Dasaum Da-Yeon Da-Young Diean
Do-In Dong-Youn Dung Dyne Eejee
Eesoo Ell-Kate Eloquence Emkay Enzu
Eojin Eonyoo Estolita Eubee Eul-Sun
Eum Eunae Eun-Ah Eunbyul Eun-Byul
Eun-Duk Eunhae Eunhae Eunhee Eunhee
Eunhie Eunhui Eunhye Eun-Ja Eun-Joo
Eunkyoung Eunok Eun-Seon Eun-Sook Eun-Suk
Eun-Sun Eun-Young Eun-Yung Fami Gabin
Gaheun Gahyun Geia Gil Gi-Young
Gocho Gohen Guiok Gwang Gye-Jeong
Gyeong Gyeongjin Ha Hadis Hae
Hae-Jo Haejung Haelim Hae-Lim Haemin
Haenim Hae-Ran Haeri Hae-Ryun Haeseok
Haeseon Hae-Soon Haetsal Ha-Eun Hae-Won
Haeyeon Haikyung Hai-Yang Hali-Kang Han
Hana Hana Hankyung Hanmee Hanshin
Hayean Hea Hea Heajin Hearyung
Hee-Eun Heeja Hee-Ja Hee-Jin Hee-Jung
Heekyoung Hee-Ran Heesok Heesoo Hee-Sook
Hee-Sun Heeyoung Heeyoung Hee-Yun Hei
Hei Helome Herry Hesun Heui-Jin
Heui-Seong Heung-Jin He-Ying Heyoung Hiyomi
Ho Ho Hojung Honeul Hong
Hongjoo Hooney Hoony Hui-Cha Hui-Chong
Hung Hwa-Min Hwang Hwangbo Hwa-Soon
Hyan Hyangmi Hye Hyebin Hye-Gyon
Hye-Jin Hye-Min Hyemyn Hyeon Hyeon-Ji
Hyeonjin Hyeon-Jung Hye-Ryun Hye-Sang Hye-Son
Hyewan Hyeyon Hye-Young Hyobin Hyoja
Hyojeong Hyo-Jin Hyo-Jung Hyomi Hyona
Hyo-Na Hyon-Chu Hyong Hyorin Hyo-Rin
Hyoungju Hyun Hyun-A Hyun-Gi Hyungmi
Hyungshim Hyun-Ja Hyun-Ju I Ihl
Ilsun In Inhwa In-Hye In-Hyu
Injoo In-Jung Inseon Inwon Irang
I-Seul Jadu Jae-Ah Jae-Hee Jaein
Jaeseon Jaeseung Jakhui Jan Jan
Janasty Jang Janggeum Janizzle Jean-Ah
Jeanyi Jean-Young Jeck Jee-Eun Jeesook
Jee-Sun Jee-Wha Jeewon Jee-Yeon Jeeyeoun
Jeong Jeonghae Jeong-Mi Jeongwon Jeung
Jeung-Sook Jha-Hyun Jhett Jiesun Jiga
Jihae Jihae Jihai Ji-Hei Jihey
Jilina Jin Jin Jin Jin
Jin-Hae Jin-Ho Jin-Hyun Jin-Mi Jinyeon
Jin-Yeon Jin-Young Jiseon Ji-Soo Jisun
Jisun Jisung Jiyoung Jiyoung Ji-Young
Jo Jo Johee Jon Jong
Jong Jongyoon Joo Joo Jooah
Jooen Joo-Hi Joohyun Joohyun Joo-Hyun
Joomi Joonhae Joon-Young Jooree Josoon
Jumsoon Jung Jung Junghi Jung-Huee
Jung-Hye Jung-Ja Jungju Jung-Jun Jung-Yoon
Jung-Youn Juyon Juyoun Jyoungwon Kang
Katerinah Ka-Ye Kaysoon Keum-Young Keynu
Kidorui Kieomi Ki-Hwa Kim Kim
Kim Kim Ki-Sun Ki-Young Ko
Ko-Aara Ko-Aaraa Koeun Koo Korean-F
Korecha Korrena Krixie Ku Kuinyun
Kwan-Sook Kyelim Kyon Kyongah Kyong-Ai
Kyong-Ho Kyonghui Kyongryong Kyoo-Ri Kyoungah
Kyoung-Min Kyu-Hee Kyujoo Kyung-Hee Kyunghyun
Kyung-Ja Kyungjin Kyung-Ran Kyung-Won Kyusang
Kyuwon Lahtee Lapio Lee Lee
Lee-Soon Li Lim Luhx Ma
Man-Sae Masuimi Meeduk Mee-Hee Meehui
Mee-Hwa Meeja Meeok Meerae Mee-Ran
Meeya Mejin Mesoon Mi-Ae Mi-Cha
Mieon Miesuk Migee Mihee Mi-Hee
Mihlae Mihyang Mi-Hyang Mihye Mi-Hyun
Mi-Ja Mi-Jean Mijee Mikang Mimerie
Min Min Mi-Na Min-Chong Mindllae
Minhae Minhee Min-Hee Minhye Min-Hye
Min-Jae Minkyong Minnha Min-Sun Minyung
Mioek Miseo Miso Mi-Sook Mi-Yeong
Mo Mokhwa Moon Moon Moon-Jin
Moonjoo Moon-Yon Mul-Eun Mun-Jeong Myongia
Myongii Myong-Suk Myoungsuk Myunghwa Myunghye
Myung-Ja Myung-Sook Nahee Na-Hee Najung
Nam Nam-Hee Namhi Nan-He Naryong
Nayoung Nayoung Na-Young Neepoh Neung
Ngai Ngai Ninjitsu Noeuhl Nuree
Oh Oh-Rim Okmi Osez Pak
Park Phenyo Poram Puyi Ra


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