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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Abe Abi Abigeru Abira Abu
Abu Acamio Achi Achika Ada
Adalya Adani Adara Adei Adereido
Ado Adora Adzumi Adzumi Adzusa
Aeirth Aeka Aenai Aeri Aeri
Aga Agari Agasuta Agata Age
Age Ageha Agi Ago Agunesu
Agyoku Ahara Ahiko Ahiko Ahomachi
Ai Ai Ai Ai Aida
Aida Aido Aiga Aigi Aika
Aika Aikaze Aiki Aiki Aiko
Aiko Aikou Aikumori Aimaina Aimi
Aimi Aimi Aimi Aimu Aina
Aina Ainaki Aino Ainoko Aira
Airenu Airi Airisu Aisheteru Aishimasa
Aishin Aisu Aita Aiya Aiyame
Aiyami Aiyoku Aizoku Aizumi Aji
Ajikuri Aka Akagame Akagi Akai
Akako Akama Akami Akana Akana
Akanae Akane Akane Akano Akari
Akarie Akariko Akaru Akasabi Akashiko
Akawana Akayei Akeda Akeekums Akeko
Akemi Akeno Akeno Akeru Aketa
Akeya Aki Aki Aki Akiae
Akiba Akida Akie Akie Akiha
Akihiko Akihiro Akihito Akiho Akiho
Akikawa Akikawa Akikawa Akikawa Akikaze
Akikazu Akiko Akikusa Akima Akimi
Akimia Akimitsu Akimitsu Akina Akinaga
Akinaru Akinaru Akine Akino Akino
Akio Akio Akira Akira Akira
Akirako Akiryou Akisa Akise Akishino
Akita Akiwe Akiya Akiyo Akiyoshi
Akiyoshi Akizuki Akko Ako Ako
Aku Akumi Akura Akuro Alaylle
Allicesa Amada Amae Amago Amago
Amakai Amaki Amako Amako Amakusa
Amalla Amame Amami Amami Amamiya
Aman Aman Amana Amanda Amanda
Amane Amane Amano Amara Amari
Amari Amari Amari Amasashi Amata
Amaya Amaya Amayako Amayami Amba
Ambari Amemiya Ameyu Ami Ami
Amii Amika Amiko Amiri Amiti
Amiya An An Anada Anago
Anai Anai Anami Anan Anan
Anan Anata Anchi Anchuu Anda
Ando Andorea Anei Aneisu Aneko
Angael Ango Angu Ani Anii
Anikuwa Anisu Anita Anita Aniya
Aniya Anjera Anjerika Anjerika Anji
Anjiru Anjou Anju Anju Ankan
Anko Anna Anna Anna Annaburita
Annaka Annei Annesane Annetto Anno
Anno Annu Ano Anon Anou
Anri Antoni Anyarei Anzu Anzuko
Ao Aoba Aoda Aoi Aoi
Aoiko Aoka Aoki Aoko Aomori
Aona Aone Aono Aorika Apapa
Aquico Ara Arada Arae Araki
Arako Arako Arami Arami Aran
Aran Arashi Arashi Arata Arata
Arata Araya Arcada Aregura Areguzanda
Areguzanda Arekkusu Arekkusu Aren Areria
Aresa Ari Ari Ari Aria
Aria Ariake Arida Arie Arie
Arieru Arii Ariie Arika Arikata
Ariki Ariko Arima Arimi Arimi
Arina Arinori Arinori Ario Arisa
Arishia Arison Arisu Arisu Arisugawa
Arisugawa Arita Aritsune Aritsune Ariya
Arluxia Aro Aron Arora Arrena
Arriakko Aru Arubata Arukara Arumi
Arunetto Arutena Asa Asa Asa
Asada Asae Asae Asaeda Asaeda
Asaede Asagiri Asago Asago Asahane
Asahara Asahi Asahiko Asahiko Asai
Asaka Asaka Asako Asako Asami
Asami Asamura Asanashia Asano Asano
Asata Asato Asawe Asayo Asayo
Ashaina Ashi Ashia Ashida Ashika
Ashiko Ashina Ashita Ashiya Ashuri
Ashurii Aska Asori Asuka Asuka
Asuka Asuka Asukako Asuki Asuko
Asumi Ata Atako Atari Atomi
Atoshi Atoyo Atsu Atsu Atsue
Atsuko Atsumi Atsumi Atsunori Atsushi
Atsushi Atsuyo Awa Awara Aya
Aya Ayada Ayae Ayaha Ayaka
Ayake Ayaki Ayaki Ayako Ayamasa
Ayame Ayame Ayame Ayame Ayami
Ayana Ayane Ayanko Ayano Ayano
Ayanomiya Ayanomiya Ayao Ayao Ayao
Ayase Ayasura Ayatoriko Ayatsuri Ayayo
Ayeka Ayken Ayo Ayoshi Ayu
Ayuka Ayukawa Ayuki Ayuko Ayumi
Ayumu Ayuri Ayzsha Azama Azami
Azami Azan Aze Azeta Azukiyo
Azuma Azuma Azumi Azumi Azumi
Azusa Azusa Azuuri Ba Baba


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