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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aadan Aaden Aaron Aaron Aban
Aban Abban Abbie Abbot Abel
Abharrach Abhartach Abigail Ablach Abner
Abracham Ackzib Acobhran Adair Adair
Adam Adamnan Adan Adanodan Adare
Addergoole Aderrig Adhamh Adhamhnan Adomnan
Aeadin Aeary Aecaomh Aed Aeda
Aedan Aedgen Aedh Aeducan Aedus
Aeneas Aenghus Aengus Aengusa Aeveen
Aeveen Affiath Affrica Afric Africa
Agata Aghaderg Aghaistin Aghaiston Aghamore
Aghy Agnes Aguistin Ahane Ahearn
Ahern Ahern Aherne Ai Aibhistin
Aibhne Aibhne Aicher Aichlinn Aidan
Aidan Aideen Aiden Aidenjames Aidrian
Ailbe Ailbe Ailbhe Ailbhe Ailbhis
Ailchu Aileen Ailella Ailen Aileran
Ailey Ailfred Ailfrid Ailgel Aili
Ailill Ailin Ailis Ailis Ailish
Ailish Ailithir Ailon Aindiles Aindreas
Aindrias Aindriu Aine Aineislis Aininn
Ainle Ainmere Ainmire Ainnle Airard
Airbertach Airdgal Airdin Airdon Airechtach
Airleas Airleas Airt Aishleen Aislin
Aisling Aislinn Akavran Akil Akkarin
Akre Alabhaois Alahhaois Alaine Alaios
Alan Alan Alana Alani Alani
Alaois Alasdair Alastar Alastrann Alastrina
Alayne Albert Albion Alby Aleel
Alex Alexander Alexandra Alfred Alga
Alga Alhan Alice Alicia Alick
Alina Alison Alister Aliz Alleen
Allen Alley Allison Allister Ally
Allyn Alma Alona Aloys Aloysius
Alphonsus Alroy Alsandair Alsander Alstrom
Altan Aluinn Alusdar Alva Alva
Alvy Alvy Alysara Alyson Alyssa
Amadiz Amalgada Amalgaid Amalgith Amargein
Amaure Amblaoibh Ambros Ambrose Amelia
Amergin Amery Amhalgaidh Amhlaoibh Amhra
Amlaib Ammecati Amnchadh Amon Amon
Ana Anamcha Anamka Anaslis Anastas
Anastasia Andagellas Andagelli Andrea Andreas
Andrew Andrew Andrew-Jon Aneas Aneill
Anfan Anfan Anfudan Anga Angela
Angus Ania Anla Anlon Anluan
Anlun Anmcha Anmchaid Ann Ann
Anna Annabel Annaduff Anne Annie
Annraoi Anntoin Anrai Anraoi Antain
Antaine Anthony Antoin Antoine Anu
Anuth Anvirry Anya Aodan Aodan
Aodh Aodha Aodhagan Aodhaigh Aodhan
Aodhan Aodhfin Aodhfionn Aodhgan Aogan
Aogh Aoghgan Aoibhinn Aoibhinn Aoidh
Aoidhghean Aoife Aolu Aona Aonas
Aonghas Aonghus Aongus Apthach Apthach
Arainn Aralt Aran Aran Arcy
Ardagh Ardal Ardal Ardala Ardar
Ardeen Ardgal Ardghal Ardghal Ardin
Ardkill Argal Arihclinn Arlen Arlene
Arlette Arliss Arlyn Armitage Arnold
Aron Art Artagnan Artan Artegal
Arter Artgal Arthgallo Arthur Artt
Artuir Artur Ashkai Ashlin Ashling
Ashlyn Ashlynn Ashtonian Assa Assan
Assid Asthore Athdara Athdara Athey
Atty Aubrey Augholy Augustin Augustine
Augustine Auley Auliffe Aurbin Austin
Avartack Avartak Aveline Aveny Avitori
Avitoria Avna Avonmore Avra Awley
Awlif Awliff Awnan Awv Ay
Ayamonn Aygnockawn Ayla Aylu Ayvar
Bab Babe Baetain Baetan Baeth
Baethan Baethine Bagawn Bailey Bailey
Bailintin Bainbridge Baine Bairbre Baird
Baird Bairee Bairne Bairre Bairre
Bairrionn Bairrionn Bairthmead Baiscend Baiste
Baithaus Ballderg Ballderg Ballindeny Banan
Banan Banban Banbhan Bannan Bannon
Bannon Banon Bantry Banvan Baodan
Baoithin Baolach Baptist Bar Baran
Barbara Barclay Barcvni Bard Bardain
Bardan Barde Bardon Barhan Barhart
Barin Barin Barkdoll Barley Barnaby
Barney Barock Barock Barr Barr
Barra Barra Barram Barran Barrfind
Barrfind Barrie Barrington Barrocunas Barry
Barry Barry Bartel Bartley Basil
Bat Batt Baydan Beacan Beachain
Beag Beagan Beaglaioch Beairtle Beale
Bealtaine Beamard Bean Beanon Beara
Bearach Bearach Bearchan Bearnad Bearnard
Beartlai Beartlaidh Beary Beataine Beatty
Beau-Walsh Bebhinn Bebhinn Bec Bec
Becan Becc Beccan Beccan Beckett
Bedilia Beehan Begg Beglan Begley
Begley Behellagh Behillagh Beicce Beineon
Beiniaimin Beinidict Beircheart Beiti Bel
Bell Bellaghy Belock Beltany Benedict
Benen Benjamin Benjamin Benvie Beolagh


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