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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aaden Aamora Aaron Abaigeal Abaigh
Aban Abaygael Abbie Abbot Abel
Abhlach Abiageal Abigail Abigail Ablach
Abner Achall Aciel Aclitenis Adair
Adair Adam Adan Adanica Adara
Adare Adeen Adelaide Aeda Aedammair
Aedan Aedin Aednat Aelish Aeveen
Aeveen Affraic Affrica Afric Africa
Agata Agatah Agate Agatha Aghadreena
Aghamora Aghaveagh Aghavilla Aghna Agna
Agnees Agnes Agusteen Ahana Ahern
Ahern Ahkna Ahkra Ahktock Ahlahnah
Ahlis Ahmileena Ahy Ai Ai
Aibell Aibfinna Aibgreine Aibhilin Aibhinn
Aibhla Aibhlia Aibhlin Aibhlinn Aibhne
Aibhne Aibinn Aidan Aidan Aideen
Aiden Aidrian Aife Aifric Aigneis
Ailbe Ailbe Ailbhe Ailbhe Aileann
Aileen Aileen Aileen Aileene Ailen
Ailen Ailey Aili Aili Ailia
Ailia Ailidh Ailie Ailill Ailin
Ailin Ailionora Ailis Ailis Ailisa
Ailise Ailish Ailish Ailleann Ailne
Ailse Aimery Aimilfona Aimiliona Ainder
Aine Aineen Aineislis Ainemarie Ainemaurah
Ainfean Aingeal Ainle Ainnir Aiobh
Aiobheann Airleas Airleas Airna Aishlynn
Aisleagh Aislin Aisling Aislinge Aislinn
Aithche Aithne Akil Alaina Alaine
Alan Alan Alana Alani Alanna
Alanna Alannah Alannah Alanora Alastrina
Alastriona Alayna Alayne Albert Albion
Alby Aleia-Rose Alex Alexander Alexandra
Alexandra Alfred Alga Alga Alhan
Alice Alice Alicia Alicia Alieena
Alina Alina Alison Alistriona Aliz
Allana Allee-Jo Alleen Allen Allene
Alley Allina Allina Allison Allister
Allsun Ally Allyn Alma Almaith
Almath Almha Almu Alona Alona
Alona Alonna Aloys Aloysius Alphonsus
Alroy Altan Aluinn Alva Alva
Alvy Alvy Alyson Alyssa Alyssa
Ambrose Amelia Amery Amon Ana
Ana Ana Anastas Anastasia Anawbla
Andrea Andrea Andrea Andrea Andreas
Andrew Aneas Aneer Anfan Anfan
Anga Angela Angela Angela Angus
Ania Anla Anlaith Ann Ann
Ann Ann Anna Anna Anna
Annabel Annabel Annabla Anne Anne
Anne Annie Annora Annstas Anthony
Antoine Anu Anu Anya Anya
Anya Aobhnait Aodan Aodan Aodha
Aodhamair Aodhan Aodhan Aodhnait Aodnait
Aoibh Aoibhan Aoibheann Aoibhinn Aoibhinn
Aoibhne Aoifa Aoife Aoiffe Aoileann
Aoiof Aona Aoufe Aphria Apthach
Apthach Aran Aran Aravon Arcy
Ardal Ardal Ardala Ardeen Ardghal
Ardghal Ardin Areinh Arianniah Arienh
Arknit Arlana Arleen Arlen Arlena
Arlene Arleta Arlette Arline Arline
Arliss Arlyn Arlyne Armitage Arnold
Aroc Aron Art Arthur Aryette
Asch Ashlein Ashlin Ashling Ashlyn
Ashlynn Assa Assana Assane Assumpta
Asthore Athdara Athdara Athracht Attracta
Atty Aubrey Augusteen Augustin Augustine
Augustine Auley Aurnia Austin Ava-Clare
Avalah Aveleen Aveline Avens Avitoria
Avlock Avna Avnat Avonmora Avra
Ay Aydenn Ayla Bab Babe
Baeth Baibin Baibre Bailey Bailey
Baillgheal Bainbridge Baine Bairbre Baird
Baird Bairre Bairre Bairrionn Bairrionn
Bakhshian Ballderg Ballderg Ballyan Banan
Banan Banbha Banbhnait Banit Banning
Bannon Bannon Banon Banva Banya
Baptist Bar Baran Barbara Barbara
Barbie Barbra Barclay Bard Barin
Barin Barley Barnaby Barney Barock
Barock Barr Barra Barra Barran
Barrdub Barrfind Barrfind Barrie Barrington
Barry Barry Barry Bartel Bartley
Basil Bat Baydan Baylyn Beacom
Beag Beale Bean Beara Bearach
Bearach Bearrach Beatha Beatty Bebhaill
Bebhinn Bebhinn Bebhionn Bebin Bebinn
Bec Bec Beccan Beccan Becfola
Becfola Beckett Bedelia Bedilia Beelal
Befind Befind Befinn Bega Begley
Begley Behan Beibhinn Beirnis Beiti
Bel Belaire Bell Belocc Benedict
Benjamin Benvy Beonill Bera Berach
Berach Bercan Bergin Bergin Berk
Berke Berkeley Berkley Bernadette Bernadette
Bernard Bernardine Berneen Berrach Berrach
Berrin Berriona Berry Bertie Bessie
Bessie Betha Bethaill Betsey Betty


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